Keen on that long-awaited beach getaway? Gotta says a trip to the beach is pure gold for rebooting your mind and body. Beaches are right up there on everyone’s holiday bucket list – they’re a ripper spot to kick back and soak in the beauty and breeze.

But here’s the thing: It can be a real head-scratcher when you’re gearing up for a beachy adventure and have no clue what to chuck in your bag. That’s where our trusty beach packing list comes in, ready to lend a hand like a true-blue mate.

Beach Attire

As a general rule, if you are going on a seven-night beach vacation, you can bring two to three pieces of swimwear (so that they have time to dry in between), a couple of pairs of shorts and skirts, four tops that go with all your shorts and skirts, and a dress in case you go someplace special. Do not forget your sneakers and athletic attire if you intend to exercise.


Here are a few extra things you should think about bringing.

If taking infants or young children, a canopy or tent

Beach towels (Turkish beach towels are preferable) and sheets

Beach furniture

Beach toys


Food and beverages

Trash bags

Portable lockbox

Selfie stick


Chargers and cords

Books or periodicals

Convenient cooler

Waterproof Stuff

A multipurpose waterproof backpack might be your ideal travel companion because you might not want to sit far away from water merely to safeguard your possessions. They can be used to keep wet swimwear or valuables like electronics and other items. What a vacation would be without those lovely photos you can keep forever, something a waterproof phone case or underwater camera may aid with. These pouches are fully functional and have a straightforward snap and lock closure.

Sanitary Products and Beach Essentials

You should make sure to take additional toiletries to keep you protected from the sun and any germs you may come into contact with at the beach, in addition to the essentials you always pack when you travel, such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, etc. So that you are protected from UVB and UVA radiation, pick a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that is both water resistant and broad spectrum.

Wrapping Up

As we come to a close with our comprehensive guide to beach packing for your eagerly awaited weeklong holiday, keep in mind that having a great beach vacation all comes down to being prepared and enjoying every moment in the sun. With our exhaustive checklist at your side, you are prepared to set out with assurance, knowing that you have taken care of all the necessities. But hang on a tick; what’s a beach adventure without the ultimate beach buddy, right? Here’s where the champs in beach luxury come in – say g’day to Loopys Towels. Our primo Turkish towels in Australia are the bee’s knees, designed to give you unbeatable comfort, absorption, and flair. Whether you’re chilling on the sand or swaddling yourself after a splashy swim, our towels are the fair dinkum must-have for your beach escapades.

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