In Gemology, people are asked to wear gemstones based on the position of planets and constellations in their birth charts. Wearing rings or pendants with such gemstones can strengthen the planets and reduce their adverse effects on a person’s horoscope. But wearing the wrong gemstone can cause problems, so one should always consult a good astrologer before wearing a gemstone.

 Shani or Saturn rules the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. People born under these zodiac signs can wear blue sapphire or Neelam, which is the gem of Saturn. By wearing it, a person can work better, and they will be able to think better. Also, it can reduce the Drishti (aspect) and Sade Sati effects of Saturn in the person’s horoscope. Blue Sapphire is known to work its effects quickly.

As per astrology, one faces problems due to the negative effects of the planets. Saturn is one of the most influential planets in a person’s horoscope. If Saturn occupies an inauspicious house in the birth chart, the native will have a tough time and undergo a lot of suffering. Saturn’s periods – Sade Sati, Dhaiya, and Mahadasha – can bring many kinds of problems. So astrologers often recommend many remedies to avoid Shani’s inauspicious effects.

 One such remedy is to wear a blue sapphire, the gemstone of Saturn.

Which Zodiac Sign Should Wear Saturn Gemstone Neelam?

 People born under the Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs can wear Neelam.

  Benefits of Saturn Stone

· Blue sapphire is known to manifest its benefits immediately. Wearing blue sapphire can eliminate health issues, bring profits, and boost the chances of progress in job and business.

· Neelam gemstone has the power to remove suffering, disease, and poverty in one’s life. It can bring positive changes in life. Saturn’s position will be strengthened by the effect of Neelam. It helps one to avoid the inauspicious effects of Saturn. But it should be worn properly, or there will be more inauspicious effects of Saturn.

· Blue Sapphire can increase one’s business and good fortune. One will have many sources of income. They will see progress at work, and as a result, their respect and prestige will go up. They can gain more patience, intellect, rationality, and culture. Those who suffer from depression should wear this Saturn stone.

· Wearing Neelam can eliminate stress. Those who have health problems like paralysis, toothache, bone pain, and asthma can wear it, as it brings relief.

· Many people fail to identify their true abilities. Wearing a Blue Sapphire enables them to discover their hidden skills. It is a boon for intellectuals and creative people like singers, dancers, doctors, and scientists, as it can bring success in these fields. It is the fastest-acting stone, so soon after wearing it, the person may witness immense changes in their professional


· We live in a world that is filled with fear, anxiety, jealousy, and insecurities. So it is necessary to protect oneself. Blue sapphire can protect one from all negativities and evil eye effects. Successful people have many enemies who wish to harm them. They can use voodoo and black magic to cause problems for you. Blue Sapphire works like armor in such circumstances. It can nullify the malefic effects and create an aura of protection around you. It also helps them to focus on their life goals.

· Blue sapphire can trigger financial prosperity. It can bestow wealth and good luck. It motivates you to work harder and achieve financial success.

· A well-positioned Saturn can bring fame and fortune. But, an ill-placed Saturn brings nothing but troubles. Saturn’s Sade Sati Dasa is often a period of serious mishaps and ill consequences in all aspects of life. For such people, Neelam gemstone can be a lifesaver.

 How to Wear Saturn Stone Neelam?

Wear a blue sapphire above 5 Ratti. It’s a very high-quality blue sapphire, then it can be less than 5 Ratti. Keep the gemstone in a bowl and add milk, ghee, honey, sugar candy, and Gangajal to it. The sapphire ring or pendant should be immersed in it. Then worship your favorite deity and chant this Mantra of Saturn, “Om Pran Prim Praun Sa: Shanishcharaya Namah,” 3100 times. After this, take out the sapphire from the bowl. You can wear it after washing it with Gangajal and showing incense. Pour the mixture over the roots of a Tulsi plant. Pushya, Uttarabhadrapada, Chitra, Swati, Dhanishtha, and Shatabhisha are the auspicious stars/Nakshatras for wearing a Blue Sapphire.