At Mornington Peninsula Home and Business Security Solutions, we offer an extensive selection of security solutions that are tailored specifically to you, your property, lifestyle and budget.

Sometimes all that’s necessary for a proper Alarm Systems upgrade is a new control panel and keypad, as your sensors, sirens/strobe light are still functional. This option offers a cost-efficient peace of mind as it comes complete with warranty on new equipment.

Open Zone Fault

Your system may show window or door sensors are open when they aren’t. This could happen if you forget to close them after leaving them open; too far from a magnet; or because the reed switch inside contact has become stuck and prevents arming the system. Reducing or bypassing faulted zones to arm your security system quickly is possible; simply select Security on your panel, choose Zones and press bottom-right until Faults appear, followed by Bypass Zones on Bypassed zones button to bypass faulted sensor(s). Your alarm system will now ignore that sensor completely; especially helpful if trying to sleep after a long day when an open window prevents setting alarm system alarm.

Faulty Sensor

Faulty sensors could be to blame for your alarm sounding incorrectly, due to old or damaged equipment. A professional can inspect all sensors for signs of wear-and-tear, replacing any damaged ones as necessary and Ion Security is one of the best security service provider company.

If your alarm has an back to base monitoring system, when activated it will immediately send a signal back to the control room which in turn triggers a series of events that includes dispatching security officers out to the property and notifying its owner and potentially emergency services if required.

Your back to base security solution can prevent theft while you’re away, providing peace of mind both while at home or away. A professional security company should consider your property type, structure and family lifestyle when designing a security plan – this way your alarm will only go off when necessary.

Siren Not Working

People often consider security for their home or business in terms of burglar alarms and secure locks for doors and windows; however, other aspects can also make an impactful difference in terms of keeping out intruders.

When one of your alarm sensors triggers, a signal will be sent directly to the monitoring control room who will then determine whether or not this represents an actual emergency situation.

If the alarm is indeed an emergency, monitors will contact up to three of your preloaded contact numbers and request to speak with someone able to disarm or check that it’s not false alarm. They’ll then inform the appropriate authorities and wait for their arrival; some systems even activate strobe lights for additional notification of neighbors or passers by.

False Alarms

False alarms can be extremely frustrating for homeowners and waste police resources on unneeded activities. False alarms also have the potential to create unnecessary panic and lead to alarm fatigue – as a result many cities require alarm permit applications, impose fines for false alarms and establish response protocols in response. We overcome these false alarm buy hiring professional alarm system installation company and Dandenong Security Company is one of them.

User error accounts for approximately 50% of false alarms. This includes forgetting to disarm the system, leaving doors or windows open, using different codes than normally prescribed, cleaning crews not familiar with the system accidentally activating alarms etc.

Some sensors can be vulnerable to false alarms from dust, bugs and rodents; be sure to change batteries regularly and adhere to warning signals on detectors. Homeowners with pets should opt for pet-tolerant sensors or set their system so as to ignore animals smaller than certain sizes. You can reduce false alarms further with remote arming/disarm systems; text and email alerts or special apps like Pocket Secure.