The Shaktiman Champion CH 190 is a robust and efficient agricultural implement. Shaktiman rotavator is known for exceptional performance and durability. Equipped with advanced features and superior technology, this cultivator is designed to streamline soil preparation and enhance farming productivity. The Shaktiman rotavator 42 blades price list may vary depending on the model, region, and dealer’s locations.


Tractor Engine Power: Shaktiman CH 190 is compatible with 60 HP to 95 HP tractors.

Blades: Equipped with 42 square-type sturdy blades for effective cultivation.

Working Width: The working width is 1872 mm for comprehensive soil coverage and preparation.

Build Material: Robust, high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.

Length: it has a length of 2021 mm for optimal coverage and efficient operation.

Width: it has a width of 1179 mm for easy maneuverability and adaptable usage.

Frame Strength: A sturdy frame ensures stability and reliability during demanding farming tasks.

Working Depth: The maximum working depth of the Shaktiman CH 190 rotavator is 130 mm.

Weight: Shaktiman CH 190 rotavator is 567 kg.


Shaktiman CH 190 Rotavator offers chain or gear drive options.

Adjustable Settings: Offers customizable settings for varying soil and crop conditions.

Easy Operation: User-friendly controls and interface for seamless operation.

Versatile Functionality: Suitable for various agricultural applications and crop types.

Efficient Soil Mixing: Ensures thorough and efficient soil preparation for better yields.