Whether you are an experienced SEO pro or a beginner just getting started, your content may need to be updated on a regular basis. Although it may be tempting to add a few keywords and call the content finished, we already know that great SEO content goes far beyond keywords.

As a result, you must choose between

  1. A) optimizing your existing content for SEO and
  2. B) completely rewriting it. It’s not an easy choice!

Although optimizing existing content may be faster, which method is best for driving relevant traffic to your website?

The Right Time to Rewrite Your SEO Content:

When optimizing your content for SEO, you should take a number of factors into account. It shouldn’t be decided by how much time can be saved by editing as opposed to rewriting. You must ultimately decide which approach will result in the best results most traffic and money.

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1) You already detest the information

It should go without saying that if you dislike the content on your website, then it’s likely that users will as well. Your content gives you the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way by enticing your target audience and increasing website traffic. It has to be relevant.

If you think your content is starting to feel a little stale, get a second opinion, preferably from a member of your target audience. Make the necessary changes if only a few are necessary; otherwise, you might find that a complete rewrite is required for the content to be coherent and truly SELL.

2) The page is essential to your sales funnel, but it isn’t converting.

If traffic isn’t a problem but your content isn’t generating conversions, your page is probably due for a rewrite. Although it’s only a short-term solution, adding a “Call Us” button to the page might be of some assistance. Conversion should be considered throughout the entire piece of content, which necessitates careful planning and strategy.

However, it’s acceptable if you’re not particularly skilled at conversion rate optimization. At this point, you should at least be aware of the benefits of working with professionals rather than editing the content yourself. Hiring a top-notch CRO expert or SEO copywriter may be a wise investment because conversions lead to revenue. here you can employ an article rewriter tool to rewrite content faster.

3) The Bounce Rate Is Extremely High

I’ve been in a few bouncy castles, and they’re a lot of fun, but having a high bounce rate on your landing pages is not.

There is probably a copywriting issue if you notice that many visitors arrive on your page and then leave right away (i.e., “bounce off”).

It could indicate that the user doesn’t think the page is relevant to what they are looking for. Additionally, it might imply that they cannot FIND what they are looking for. Both situations are not ideal. The objective is to keep website visitors on your page until they call, subscribe, sign up, or buy something.

Having two or more pages with the same content is not recommended by Google. Your writing should be as distinctive and specialized as you can. Additionally, you don’t want various website pages to compete with one another for the same primary keyword and restructure them which can also been done with article rewriter tool

4) It’s Unrelatable

You might think that each page on your website serves a specific purpose, but it’s important to take another look.

Not all writing is top-notch. Consider the following inquiries to make sure your page makes sense for your website:

  • Does it serve a worthwhile, intentional purpose?
  • Does it complement the other content on my website? (Hint: “It’s informative” is not usually a strong argument.)
  • What does it provide that other pages don’t?
  • Is the tone and diction consistent with the other content on my website?
  • Am I being biased or is it clear to the user what this page is about?

I assume you can see where this is going. If you answered “No” to any of these queries, you might want to rewrite this content (or scrap it altogether). If the information doesn’t benefit you, be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to let it go.

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5) The Information Is Old

Even though I don’t like it, I understand how things operate. Because we are so focused on meeting the needs of others, we frequently neglect our own websites as business owners. Information on your website that is out of date could turn off potential customers.

If there are only a few minor details in the information, a rewrite may not be necessary. However, you might need to completely rewrite the page with article rewriter if you are praising a service you no longer offer, have an ex-employee listed on your About page, or have any other material that is notably out-of-date. Coherent content is crucial because awkward gaps can result from simply deleting substantial amounts of data.

6) The appearance is poor (i.e., not user- or conversion-friendly).

If a page needs to be redesigned, it must also be rewritten.

Design and copy go hand in hand with conversion optimization. Inserting content into a design template or the other way around is ineffective.

Make sure the copy complements the style and flow of the page and that the design is optimized for conversions. To make the text flow and guide the reader to the desired area of the page, rewrite your calls to action, headlines, and other text.

You can make any changes you want using a simplified article rewriter. It only takes a few seconds to update your article, which is the best part. It is a free tool that rewrites content with just one click; it is a copywriting tool that is free forever.