Sadness is a universal emotion. Maybe you were recently let go from your work and are unsure of what to do next. Perhaps your most recent breakup was unpleasant. Maybe a close relative just passed away. But where is the line between feeling sad in general and severe depression to start? 

What Are The Signs Of Depression?

Although each person’s symptoms of depression may vary, all those who experience it have some symptoms. Since every individual is different, you might not exhibit the same symptoms as someone you know who has received treatment for severe depression. However, certain depressive symptoms are more prevalent than others.

Overwhelming Sadness

Sadness is a natural aspect of life, as we’ve already stated. But if your melancholy persists for more than two weeks, you could be experiencing clinical depression, which calls for medical attention. Additionally, it is crucial to seek counselling if your unhappiness is leading you to change your lifestyle and start abusing drugs or alcohol when you previously relished life without them.

Much Less Interest In Your Passions

Maybe you used to like to read wonderful books or cook new things. These activities may no longer make you happy, which is one of the symptoms of depression. Additionally, it may be a clue that something is wrong if you don’t want to interact with others or allow them to touch you.

Modifications In Sleep Patterns

These signs might differ from one individual to the next. Some people struggle with insomnia, which prevents them from falling asleep. Others could be oversleeping. You might wish to consider treatment resistant depression if you discover that your sleeping habits have changed in addition to other depressive symptoms. Moreover, you might want to think about getting mental assistance if you consistently feel exhausted or low on energy.

Variations In Weight

Another symptom that varies from person to person is this one. Some people can turn to food for solace and end up putting on a lot of weight as a result. Others, though, might not want to eat anything at all and slim down considerably. In any case, dramatic changes in hunger that are followed by weight changes might be an outward sign of sadness while others are more internal. You could consider considering getting a professional opinion on your mental health if friends or relatives are worried about your weight.


Feeling hopeless or unworthy is one undeniable indication that you want depression therapy. You can feel overwhelmed by them and be deterred from getting therapy. You must keep in mind, though, that you are not hopeless, and there is hope when you seek counselling. Every year, thousands of people take the initial step toward seeking assistance, and many of them succeed in finding a route to recovery and a happy life.

Get Therapy Right Now

You could feel alone if you deal with the symptoms of depression. We do, however, hope that you will keep in mind that you are not alone. We wish to support you. We provide counselling for many mental health conditions, including depression. When you join our programme, you’ll take part in a range of therapeutic activities, such as:

  • Nutrition therapy
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  • Art therapy
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  • Trauma therapy
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