Excel is a computer program created by Microsoft Corporation. It consists of application software that allows you to perform various and different financial, accounting, organizational, and programming tasks through spreadsheets. In 1985, the first version of Excel appeared, being to this day the favourite tool for users when it comes to working with spreadsheets!

  1. Excel improves productivity

Undoubtedly in today’s world, time is a highly precious commodity. You must do everything at an ever-increasing speed and be more productive daily. However, your time is limited, and you need to apply strategies that allow us to increase your efficiency.

Excel reduces the time you prepare your tasks, managing to do a greater number of tasks in a specific time. It’s like a multiplier time machine! excel today function simplifies processes and optimizes your limited time. Excel allows you to do what would take you hours to calculate or do with just a few clicks and for a large amount of data, avoiding tedious and repetitive tasks.

  1. Excel generates competitive advantages

You live in a world with a lot of competition in the labour market. Companies are increasingly asking for more requirements in jobs, making it more difficult to be selected for the job you want.

  1. Excel allows you to increase the salary

The goal of the vast majority of employees is to earn better and better salaries as they progress through their careers. By learning digital skills like Excel, which is in high demand in the marketplace, employees advance through their careers by increasing their market appeal.The study mentions that digitally intensive medium-skill occupations pay wages on average 18% higher than those of medium-skill jobs.

  1. Excel is a leading program

You have seen that in recent years you have had a great tendency to use big data software mainly to visualize, analyze and manipulate data. Microsoft Excel continues to be the go-to program for people who want to work with data. Therefore, you see that Excel is undoubtedly a leading tool, recognized worldwide for its multiple uses, and has no competition.

  1. Excel is a versatile and complete tool

Today, you are used to using things that serve us for many things. You look for multifaceted tools that are useful to us for various tasks. Excel is a program that is used to do what you want. Excel max function pickup the maximum value from the row or column.

In Excel, you can use a large number of formulas and functions. Excel has more than 500 functions. It has statistical, mathematical, trigonometric, logical, information, search, reference, financial, engineering, date, and time functions. In each of these categories, you can apply hundreds of functions for different interests.

  1. Excel for all types of audiences

You can order your income and expenses, along with graphing and analyzing the evolution of your company. You can make a calendar with your evaluations quickly and easily. You can compare the achievement indicators of your students and plan your classes. You can analyze databases and present them. Format painter excel can help you to make changes effortlessly.