Mahindra & Mahindra proceeded to set its foothold, not only for heavy-duty but light commercial vehicles, too. The blog overviews Mahindra’s small commercial vehicle as a mini truck. As a user, you should not judge its reliability based on size, as it is a quality-designed vehicle. 

Here’s not the end, but more to it! Read the review of the Mahindra mini truck and look for prices and specifications to learn more. 

1. Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini

The Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini – a remarkable commercial vehicle, is cost-efficient, ranging from Rs. 5.76 Lakh to 6.28 Lakh. Also, it is made to fulfil diverse business needs with its efficiency. 

Besides, operated from a DI engine that gives 26 HP output, the mini truck is an adequate commercial vehicle. With a five-speed level gearbox, the mini truck undoubtedly promotes better maneuvering and speed control. 

Moreover, the mini truck is designed to have a GVW of 1802 kg and an efficient payload. Consequently, it entitles this mini truck to be reliable for delivering small and large goods. 

Additionally, the sleek and compact design of the mini truck is sustained with durable tyres and a 1950 mm wheelbase. Also, it ensures smooth yet high-balanced driving, allowing easy navigation through congested traffic and narrow streets. 

Furthermore, the mini is the ultimate choice for businesses, offering a maximum speed of 70 KMPH for timely deliveries. Therefore, visit Truck Junction to compare any small commercial vehicle, like a mini truck.