Sobia Nazir’s speciality is designer lawn, chiffon dresses and bridal clothes. So if you are looking for modernistic clothing articles to fulfil your fashion needs then Sobia Nazir is the place. She makes sure to draft beautiful, elegant pieces to take everyone’s breath away. She has significantly grown with her designs. She is masterfully incorporating the new trends and hues in her collections. This has made her clientele grow alongside her brand. All Sobia Nazir collections are available at Raja Sahib online on their website.

Sobia Nazir Clothings | Pret and Unstitched

You can find all types of clothing from Sobia Nazir which includes ready to wear and unstitched collections. The fabric they use is also of top quality making sure that their clients receive the best. The exquisite design and good quality of stuff is why her client base is local and international. Sobia Nazir was established in 1995 and has included nine more labels under her brand. This year for 2022 they released multiple collections in which there were bridal, summer and winter collections.

With more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry Sobia Nazir has mastered the fashion industry. Sobia Nazir has also mastered the art of crafting flamboyant pieces. While shopping for clothes for a wedding, Sobia Nazir is in the list of every bride. Along with bridal formal dresses, you can find kurtis, chiffon, silk and lawn suits. As there are many options for you to buy clothes, it becomes easier to select what you want.

Sobia Nazir Collections 2022 | Must-Have Brandsobia-nazir-collection

One thing you must do is to have a Sobia Nazir dress in your wardrobe. The flow and the fitting of the dress is always so wonderful that it compliments your whole look. Another thing which sets Sobia Nazir apart from other designers is her choice of color palette. The way she captures the true essence of the collections through her visual appeal. Sets the collection into a beautiful motion where people relate and love to adorn them.

This year Sobia Nazir released two ready to wear collections and five unstitched collections. The unstitched collections released in two seasons: winter and summer, became a hit. For winter, the Autumn Winter 2022 collection was released for the audience. The fabrications they use for winter are different from the summer material. This is why the Autumn Winter collection uses cross slub, satin and other materials.

Winter Collection by Sobia Nazir 2022

Two ready to wear collections were debuted by Sobia Nazir for winter. The collection includes 1 piece and 2-piece clothing collections. Each dress was carefully curated which had beautiful color combinations. The way colors are used together makes the dress more beautiful. You can buy it as a whole 2 piece suit or bottom and top individually. The collection includes a total of eight dresses and each dress has exquisite embroidery work on it. You can adorn these dresses with your friends on outings and look gorgeous. All the collections including this one are available on Sobia Nazir’s website. Her other pret collection ‘Pre-Fall Pret’ has used warm fabrication. The fabric they used is khaddar and karandi with detailed embroidered work on it.

Sobia Nazir Winter Edition | Unstitched

The unstitched collection by Sobia Nazir also includes a winter edition. The articles have been styled in multiple patterns, cuts and colours. This varies them from each other and shows the style journey of Sobia Nazir. She makes sure that the hint of old vintage style is always present in her collection. With the intermix of new trends, her collections are loved by all generations. She also releases summer unstitched collections and the fabric is almost always lawn.