Anyone can be a celebrity, but not everyone can be a star. Dark Joseph Ravine has done what seemed impossible; he has become both over a long period of finding himself. It wasn’t a linear battle. He experienced many ups and downs along the way, all of which helped him discover who he truly is.

He’s always operated from a place of authenticity, but he had to master the art of kindness and positivity to create the social media presence we know today. He didn’t just want to become famous. Joseph knew that if people were watching him, they had to be watching him, as naturally as possible.

“You hear all these stories about people meeting their heroes and getting disappointed,” says Ravine. “I could never be that guy.”

Thousands of people find success in niche social media circles. Often, they participate in fleeting trends that people might forget about in a month, and sometimes even less.

“TikTok is especially fascinating. I love it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just volatile. One day, everyone’s lip syncing to a new hit song, and the next, everyone’s making videos about someone they decided to hate while we’re sleeping,” he says.

He’s right; TikTok is one of the most volatile social media platforms that have ever existed. America’s sweetheart could be defamed in a matter of minutes. That doesn’t scare him away from the platform, though. Like in his other work, he’s leveraging the unique tool for his benefit, encouraging others to transform it into a more positive space, even if millions of people are watching you at once. Some people get camera shy, but not Ravine. He loves talking about his day and what’s on his mind. But, his fans will never see him selling out for a few extra views.

“I have other ideas,” jokes Ravine.

Joseph frequently creates his own trends, generating millions of views and engagements. He’s able to get people interested in his work instantly, mostly because he does not wear a mask to post engaging content. The most impressive aspect of Joseph’s work is his ability to keep fans entertained for years. They’re always supporting his projects, and encouraging him to make new, bold moves. His current great endeavor is a novel, titled Watch out! It’s Nolan, which is available for order on numerous book outlets.

The children’s book follows the story of a child named Nolan who lives in a world many of us know all too well. As an awkward, nerdy kid, Nolan struggles to find true friends and is bullied by everyone. A Whiz named Bolton helps him by making bad things happen to everyone who picks on him. Their connection forces him to understand the magic of positive connections with others, especially in his formative years. It’s up to Nolan to show his child empowerment and put a stop to the abuse on his own. Does he? Order Dark Joseph Ravine’s game-changing children’s book today to find out!