Warehouse management is an important aspect of supply chain operations. Order picking is one of its most important activities. Order picking is the act of choosing and gathering items from shelves or storage areas to fulfill customer orders. This requires precision, efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Any problems with order picking could lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. 

This blog will address the most common warehouse order-picking issues and how to fix them.


Common Order Selection Problems

  • Inaccurate Inventory Data

Inaccurate inventory data is one of the greatest problems with order picking. Inaccurate inventory data can cause pickers to waste time searching for items that aren’t in stock or pick the wrong item. This can result in incorrect orders, long lead times, and unhappy customers.

  • Poor Storage Layout

Poorly designed storage can lead to inefficiency in order picking. Pickers who don’t organize their items in a logical and organized manner can have to walk back and forth to find what they are looking for, which could lead to reduced productivity and increased travel time.

  • Insufficient Space

Lack of storage space can also lead to problems when picking orders. Pickers who have difficulty finding the items they need may be unable to access them if the items are too small or stacked in an inefficient manner. This can lead to reduced productivity and increased travel time.

  • Inefficient Picking Methods

Inefficient picking techniques are another problem with order picking. Pickers who use the first-in, last-out (FIFO), method to pick instead of using a more efficient zone, batch, or batch method may need to travel back and forth between storage areas. This can lead to reduced productivity and increased travel time.

We use bins, shelving, and pallets in las vegas to maintain accuracy and precision, even when items are stored for the long term. 

How to Solve the Order Picking Problems

  • Implement a real-time inventory system

Implementing a real-time inventory management system is the first step to solving order-picking issues. The system should be integrated into the warehouse management system (WMS) and should allow for real-time inventory tracking. This will allow pickers to quickly and efficiently pick the correct items and have accurate inventory data.

  • Increase Storage Layout

An efficient way to pick orders is by having a well-designed storage system. It is important to store the items in a logical and organized manner so that pickers have quick access to what they need. Good storage design should take into consideration the item’s size and weight, and pickers should have a shorter travel time.

  • Storage Space Increase

It may be necessary for the warehouse to have more storage space if it is not enough. Vertical storage, mobile shelving units, and expansion are all options. The pickers will be able to reduce the number and efficiency of their trips by increasing the storage space.

  • Choose more efficient picking methods

Using more efficient picking methods can significantly improve order-picking efficiency. For example, zone picking is the grouping of items by their location. Batch picking involves picking items in bulk. These methods can reduce travel time, improve accuracy, and speed up order picking.

Las Vegas distribution center invested heavily in inventory technology to improve our efficiency. Products entering the warehouses can either be barcoded with our labeling system or the inventory system can read existing bar codes provided by our clients. 


Order picking is an important aspect of warehouse management. Any problems can cause customer dissatisfaction and lead to lost sales and increased costs. Implementing a real-time inventory management system is essential to solving order-picking issues.

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