Are you looking for flood insurance in Okeechobee? Florida is renowned for its stunning coastlines and lovely weather. Yet, Florida residents are not strange to floods, especially during turbulent weather. Okeechobee, Clewiston, Bonita Springs, and other southwest Florida communities are especially vulnerable to flooding. 

If you live in any such region, having flood insurance becomes a dire need. This article will tell you some essential things about flood insurance in Florida. So, let us get the ball rolling. 

How much damage can a flood do? 

If you live in Florida, you already know about floods and how frequently they can be. However, you’ll be shocked to learn that even a very small amount of water can result in serious problems, cost you thousands of dollars, and eliminate a sizable percentage of your income. The water can cause short circuits and cause sparks and damage all around the property. 

In order to protect your hard-earned money, it is essential to obtain flood insurance in Okeechobee and other areas that are susceptible to flooding. 

What is the difference between homeowners’ and flood insurance? 

Home insurance in Okeechobee or anywhere in Florida covers the damage your home might incur on account of diverse reasons like fire damage, flood damage, or any type of damage from water. 

Different homeowner policies apply depending on your home and situation. Theft and fire are only two examples of losses that your standard insurance may cover, but it will not cover flood damage.

Flood insurance, as the name suggests, covers damage resulting from flooding. While your homeowner’s insurance may cover water damage caused by breaking pipes, flood insurance covers extensive damage caused by flood and might provide a greater amount of the claim. 

Is getting flood insurance mandatory in Florida? 

It is obligatory to get flood insurance if your house lies in a high-risk flood zone, and your mortgage is from a bank that is subject to federal regulation. However, if your home is located in a moderate or low-risk zone, then you are not bound to get flood insurance. That being said, your lender might affirm to get flood insurance. 

How much does flood insurance cost?

In cities all around Florida, the average cost of flood insurance is anywhere from around $194 per year to $3,877. However, the amount is dynamic and is always subject to change based on your region and the plan you choose. You can also pick the things that you would like to cover in your insurance claim. However, that would certainly cost you extra. 

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