Most students get panic attacks on hearing announcements for maths exams. The reason is they don’t find engrossment in studying maths. Students of primary maths have a trepidation for mathematical formulas, numbers and equations. So what can be done? Both parents and maths tutors can engage students in some amazing fun-laden activities which can excite them to grasp maths concepts well. Engage with one of the best maths tuition in Singapore to clarify all the mathematical doubts from & obtain fantastic results in the maths exam.


Why are math activities or games important for students?

Maths  activities or games are extremely motivating which offer students opportunities to grasp fundamental number concepts like one-to-one correspondence, counting sequences and many more. The aim of every fun-filled math activity is to strengthen students’ mathematical understanding along with reasoning. Students must be encouraged to involve in these activities and allow numerous math ideas to evolve. To learn and grasp conceptual maths, it is important to witness new patterns, links and strategies and activities or games. These are the best tools that help students to learn maths more efficiently. Joining a renowned provider of primary Maths Tuition in Singapore can definitely add flair and elevate creativity.


Some superb maths games & activities to enjoy:

If both parents and teachers want students to receive a comprehensive understanding of maths, then the below-mentioned maths activities are best to look for:


  1. Math twister

Math twister is an interesting game which students like a lot. For math twisters, add the number labels like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and in lieu of saying “left hand on the red”, speak out the equations like – “left hand on 5-3 or right hand on 3+4. Isn’t that fun and amazing to learn numbers quickly?


  1. Shape scavenger hunt program

Shape scavenger hunt program is fun-filled which is very easy to carry out for students. Teachers need to give a sheet of paper to every student with the shapes shown in the pictures. Then ask the students to search and keep a total count of different shapes (circle, rectangular) which they find in their classroom. At the end of the hunt program as per the results, reward the ones who have found more shapes. This hunt program permits students to know the shapes in a more efficient way. Learn more about maths activities from the best maths tuition in Singapore and be the next topper.


  1. Division and multiplication Bingo

In order to play this bingo version, students are required to create some bingo sheets along with answers to division and multiplication questions. Now speak about the equations like – 81/3 or 8*6 etc. Students will have to find the answers on the bingo sheet and the first person to get either the complete column or row can win.


  1. Things comparison

Try to unleash some easy math concepts like comparison of things. Allow students to compare two things (especially the same object) of different lengths. Let them compare two pens as that will make them easily get knowledge about shorter or longer things. If parents are unable to create or carry out amazing fun-laden maths activities or games, then reaching out to Primary Maths Tuition centre in Singapore can be the best idea.


  1. Begin with – Around the Block

This game is another interesting math activity that uses only one ball. At first, agglomerate questions connected to some distinct skill and then let the students stand in a circle. Give the ball to a student and then read a question aloud from the written list. Pupils are required to pass that respective ball in the clockwise direction in a circle. The first one who begins should answer the asked question prior to getting it again. Any student answering incorrectly can convey the ball to another student for the next question. Allow the student to select the next contestant, if she/he answers correctly.


  1. Creation of mnemonic devices

Mnemonic devices are memory techniques which elevates students’ ability to recall as well as retain information. Allow students to create some mnemonic device cues like acronyms, rhymes etc. Opt for any of these mnemonics devices: Spelling mnemonics, feature mnemonics or rhyming mnemonics to boost memory.


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