Souliquid restaurant and bar are not as large as some others, but they are beautifully constructed and offer a lot of comfort in terms of space and interior design. The bar is located at the far end of the room, and there is even a stage for live music.

Soulquid‘s evenings are packed with live music from bands screaming out traditional Chinese jazz and oldies. Souliquid’s European meal menu and a robust beverage list may be enjoyed while unwinding in a minimalist environment filled with black table settings among velvet-covered violet sofas set in dim lightings.

Chilli Chilli Bang Bang (RM18), a comfort classic of spiced and meaty Bolognaise sauce with melted cheese and crispy triangles of fried tortilla chips, was our first course. The appetiser is not only delicious, but it is also visually and aesthetically beautiful.

A Tapas classic, the Gambas Al Pilpil (RM28) may not look super enticing but the flavours and aroma was spot on. Garlicky with a little heat and aromatic from plenty of rosemary infused into the olive oil, the prawns and oil go wonderfully well with the toast.

Large prawns wrapped with bacon and fried summed up Brochette (RM38). Needless to say, the dish was polished off within minutes of it arriving on the table. Bacon and prawn is quite the match made in heaven and bacon does make everything taste better!

Souiliquid Meat Balls (RM20) included moist and plump meatballs on a bed of mildly chunky tomato sauce. The acidic and moreish spicy tomato sauce and meatball are familiar in flavour, but pale in comparison to the prior appetisers.

The Shrimp Pizza (RM35) had all the markings of a yummy pizza. Medium thick pizza base, there’s plenty of toppings like prawns, bacon and cheese to make any pizza lover a happy camper…

Perhaps the surprising dish in the menu is the Nyonya Pasta (RM28). A fusion twist, this one is well studded with large mussels and generous shredded lettuce. The luscious kaffir leaf aroma in the sauce heightened the dish among the rich spices. Creamy, piquantly spicy and lightly tangy, the Nyonya inspired sauce made the dish unique and delectable.

Moving on to meat haven, the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM33) scored brownie points for its generous portion of juicy chicken filled with ham and lots of oozing cheese. The juiciness of the chicken is very commendable, and the sides of roasted vegetables and sauce completed the dish well.