Most patients find relief from their back pain with our hands-on, conservative therapy, but surgery is the only option for a select few. You may wonder what comes next if you have recently been informed that surgery is necessary. You’ll meet with the surgeon doing the operation before they cut you open. This article will teach you how to make the most of your spine surgery consultation and what to anticipate from the session.

Benefits of Online Consultation for Patients

Listed below are some benefits of online consultation:

1. Convenience: The most notable advantage of seeing a virtual doctor is that you may schedule your appointment whenever it is most convenient. As telecommuting and other forms of workplace closure become the norm, the availability of convenient healthcare options has taken the front stage. You may consult your digital doctor from the comfort of your home.

2. Avoids Time-Consuming Travelling: With a digital spine surgery consultation, you won’t have to waste time travelling or expose yourself to the virus among other patients at the clinic. Talk to licensed doctors and nurses without leaving your chair. If your medical condition limits your ability to travel, telemedicine treatment may be a lifesaver.

3. Computerised Prescriptions: With the help of telemedicine, you may discuss your problems with a virtual doctor and get a prescription for the treatment right away. After your E-Doctor session, you will get your prescription in a safe, digital format.

4. Appointment for Follow-Up Notification: Thanks to convenient online consultations, no more missing follow-up appointments. On the morning of your scheduled follow-up session, you will get an SMS reminder. Therefore, Livlong guarantees you make regular appointments with your spinal consultant.

5. Understand Your Health Status: A virtual doctor’s visit includes a thorough self-examination and symptom discussion with the virtual doctor. You may get knowledge about your health and the elements that influence it this way. For instance, a consultation for neck and back discomfort necessitates a thorough examination of the associated muscles and joints.

6. Reduces the Likelihood of Contracting Infections: If you’re feeling under the weather, going to a clinic or hospital might be bad since you’ll be exposed to many ill individuals. Face-to-face consultations may take a long time, increasing your risk of contracting various illnesses while you wait.

Consultation Before Operation

Your doctor may discuss the following preoperative queries via online doctor consultation:

1. Examining Past Medical Records: The surgeon will review your records before the appointment, but they’ll also want to talk to you about anything concerning before proceeding with surgery. To gain a full picture of your health, they will want to know about your family history, known allergies, and past treatments or imaging procedures.

2. A Medical Checkup: Data analysis and imaging tests may be informative, but there’s no substitute for a hands-on checkup. To examine the problem first-hand and learn what movements create pain or relief, your surgeon will have you undertake some light movement or manipulation exercises. Vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate, will also be recorded via online doctor consultation.

3. Explanation of the Method: The surgeon will explain the procedure and what to anticipate after they fully grasp your health and medical background. Please don’t hesitate to ask any other queries that may arise. The surgeon will also go through pre-op instructions and their expectations of you.


It is not always the case that surgical intervention is required after a consultation for spine surgery. Spine surgeons can assist patients in improving their quality of life without resorting to surgery because they are skilled in a wide range of non-invasive methods. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor with more queries concerning the forthcoming back surgery.