The Sanskrit word for Astrology is ‘Jyotish’, which means ‘light’. It is because astrology shines a light on one’s karma and its fruits. It also reveals a person’s character and the events that will transpire in their life. It will indicate their inclination for certain activities, which is due to their past karmas.

 The meaning of ‘spirituality’ differs from person to person. For some, it’s about believing in God and taking part in organized religion. But for others, it has more to do with non-religious experiences that enable them to access their spiritual selves. It could be through activities like yoga, spending time in nature, meditation, etc.

 So, where do astrology and spirituality intersect?

Astrology can be your guide on your spiritual journey. Spiritual people are those who seek to achieve purity of thought and action. Religious people wish to become one with God, and spiritual people want to become the best version of themselves. It is a journey of evolution. In astrology, this evolution happens through karma. Over many lifetimes, an individual’s karma refines them until all their sins are burnt away, and they become pure, at which point they attain Moksha and become free of the life-death cycle.

 One’s birth chart reflects the karma one is born with. It throws light on what we must do to evolve as spiritual beings.

 Your Birth Chart and Karma

Your horoscope predicts the quality of your current life and the events that will happen in it. These are the consequences of the karma from your past lives. It will reveal the particular areas in your life that will be challenging due to the fruits of your past karma. The choices you make in your current life and the deeds you perform every day also create karma.

The karmic rewards and punishments will be reflected in the favorable and unfavorable positions of the planets in your birth chart. Whether you will be inclined towards worldliness or spirituality will also be revealed in it. The strength and placement of various planets will indicate the spiritual practices that will suit you as well.

 Horoscope and Spirituality

If the Sun is strong in your birth chart, it indicates that the person may excel in spiritual practices that require strong will- power and self-discipline. If the Moon is strong, it indicates that the person’s emotional aspect will dominate, and they may adopt devotional and nurturing practices that appeal to this aspect.

 Mars is an energetic planet, so a strong Mars in your horoscope suggests that you will need to channel your abundant energy for spiritual growth. For example, a form of yoga that involves vigorous asanas may appeal to you. If Mercury is strong, you will seek knowledge and learning. Jnana yoga would be ideal for you.

 For those who have a strong Jupiter, a traditional form of spiritual practice that deals with communication with the teacher is best.

 Those with a strong Saturn are likely to follow the path of selfless service or karma yoga. The period of Saturn or Sade-Sati is a very difficult time in karmic terms.

 If Venus is strong in your chart, you may prefer to serve God through worship or art forms like music and dance. Such individuals will also make excellent priests. Devotion to God will be the main purpose of their life.

 Rahu causes frustration in the materialistic life. This makes a person renounce material pursuits and turn to spirituality. Also, Rahu triggers interest in exotic or foreign things. So, you may follow spiritual practices that are outside your culture or immediate surroundings. For example, there are many Westerners who are followers of Iskcon and worship Krishna, who is a Hindu god.

 Ketu has the ability to make you feel detached and go down the spiritual path. It is known to induce hopelessness and depression.

 Houses Related to Spirituality in Astrology


The Ascendant is the most important house in a horoscope. It is key to understanding a person. Its strength reveals your character and disposition.

 5th and 9th Houses

The 5th house is associated with your stored karma and intellect. It also reveals your ability to use Mantras and your intellect to achieve spiritual growth. The 9th house is related to philosophy and higher learning. These two houses indicate your spiritual practices and spiritual inclinations in astrology.

 12th House

The twelfth house is related to Moksha. It also indicates the soul’s journey after death and the number of births you still have to take before you get Moksha.

 Astrological Combinations Indicating Spirituality

Some astrological positions and combinations reveal your spiritual inclinations. They are as follows:

1. Position of the lords of the 5th and 9th houses.

2. Placement of Jupiter and Saturn.

3. Planets that cause problems in the 4th house. This can spoil your family life and lead you to renounce domestic life.

4. Connections between the Dharma houses – 1, 5, and 9 – with the Moksha houses – 4, 8, and 12 – indicate spiritual inclinations.

5. Ketu in the 12th house.

6. Sun and Jupiter conjunction indicates that you may be at places of worship or construct them.

7. Retrograde planets in the 1, 5, and 9 houses. These often make you inclined toward Tantrik practices.

8. Presence of many planets in Leo, Aquarius, or Pisces Rasis and Navamsha indicates a spiritual mindset.

9. If Venus is in Leo or Virgo, and it is well-aspected or connected with Jupiter, it denotes the absence of lustful thoughts, which is conducive to spirituality.