CSV files are plain text files with information separated by a comma. CSV file format is a standard file extension used to store contact information and transfer contacts from one place to another. As is the frequently used data-collecting file format, user concerns also increase. *.csv files can be opened using Microsoft Excel. Thus, the user is searching for “how do I split big excel CSV”; “excel split large CSV file”; “excel split CSV into multiple files”; etc.

Let’s dig deep into the queries and its solution.

CSV files with a collective amount of multiple data can be effortlessly opened on an Excel sheet. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has over 1 million rows. For, instance if you are working as an internet marketer and is dealing via email then there will be millions of email address and other details in *.csv files. In that case, splitting CSV files into smaller chunks is the only solution.

Best Program to Split Large Excel CSV File – Instant Solution

If you search for a CSV splitter online, then you might find numerous tools, online services, etc. But when you are converting or splitting a file with a bulk of information, a third-party application is always a standout option. Therefore, my suggestion would be CSV Splitter. After a long search and testing, this tool has made its unique standard.

The MacUncle software has multiple email applications out of which one of the tools is CSV Splitter. With the utility split multiple Excel CSV files to the software. Before any process begins the tool displays all the CSV files/folders in order to choose the desired file/folder from multiple folders.

Also, Split CSV into multiple files with a header using the software. It has the option to include the headers in each splitter CSV file. For more details on how to operate the tool, continue reading the article.

CSV Splitter Tool for Windows: 

This is a recommendation for the Windows user as we have discussed the toolkit for Mac Machine. Try CSV Splitter to divide large Excel CSV files into smaller chunks. The application works similarly to the Tool. Get the application from the link below, as it supports all Windows OS.

How to Run the Tool to Split Big Excel CSV File

Download the splitter tool using the link given,

  • Get CSV files into the software using the ADD option from the menu.
  • Choose any file or folder via a check box.
  • Browse the Destination path to store the resultant split files.
  • Click on the check box if the CSV file has a header block, then click “include header in each split file”.
  • Now, enter the required number of rows in the given field. Finally, press the split button to split a big excel CSV file.

There you go, at last, the tool will display the directory with the resultant files.

Demo CSV Splitter Version

Split big Excel CSV files using the trial version of the CSV splitter. Before purchasing the application test the tool with the trial version by splitting the first 25 rows. This version is for the users to understand and test the working of the application. Then, you can download the professional version of the application provided on the tools buy page.

What makes CSV Splitter Best?

In my point of view and with the survey, there are multiple reasons to choose a CSV splitter to split big Excel CSV. Let me walk you through some of the major traits of the tool:

  • Quick and Simple Process

The procedure to split the files is simple as the tool itself acts as a guide. Perform the process without the support or assistance of any external application or services. In a few clicks, get the splitted CSV files and effortlessly access them via Excel spreadsheet.

  • Great Software GUI

As discussed earlier, the divider tool possesses an interface with simple and self-guiding nature. Anyone having technical knowledge or not can operate the device without any hassle. In the starting window itself, you will get all the split settings.

  • Split Multiple Excel CSV Files

Use Add options – Add File or Add Folder to upload *.csv files to the software panel. Add single or multiple CSV files at a time or an entire folder with CSV files. Use the Pro version to split multiple big Excel CSV on Mac OS without any limitations.

  • Divide CSV files with Header Block

CSV files might or might not contain a header block. The header part in CSV files defines the value assigned to each column. For example, Name, Category, address, etc. Therefore, split CSV files by keeping the header row intact using the splitter tool.

Also, try out the CSV to vCard Converter to change the *.csv to *.vcf file format which offers a similar software feature.

The Outline

Now, you are familiar with the best tool to split big excel CSV on macOS and Windows. Complete the splitting process within the tool itself and get the split file with accurate results in it. Split the CSV files with or without a header block and access the files using Microsoft Excel trouble-free.