Sports Toto Proto was launched for major domestic and foreign sports games, and it is a Toto game with a fixed probability that allows customers to select and purchase only the games they want among the target games.


Anyone can easily participate because only confident matches can be selected, private toto site and the expected hit rate can be known in advance because the odds for each match result are known in advance.


The game consists of up to 650 games, and it is a game in which 2 to 10 games are selected and win/loss or win/loss is predicted by reflecting pre-given conditions (handicap, under/over).


The record format consists of up to 24 games, choose 1 of them and guess the outcome.

Types of record games include winning team (ruler), finalist team (ruler), points scored, players scored, and number of home runs.

Prototype Match Handicap

Prototype match-type handicap is a game method that predicts the result by presenting the odds of a win/draw/loss result reflecting the conditions given in the target game. Generally, strong teams are handicapped at a disadvantage and weak teams gain an advantage.


The same target match combinations of normal Win/Draw/Loss, Under/Over and Handicap types cannot be purchased.

Also, in the case of volleyball matches, a handicap is given to the set score of the home team.


Sporting event handicap entries

Football score units (-1.0, -2.0, +1.0, +2.0, etc.)

Decimal units (-1.5, -2.5, +1.5, +2.5, etc.) Win/Draw/Loss

Baseball, basketball decimal units (-1.5, -9.5, +2.5, +5.5, etc.) Win/Loss

Volleyball Decimals (-2.5, -1.5, +1.5, +2.5) Win/Loss


Prototype Match Under/Over

Circular Match Type Under/Over is a Toto game in which if the total score of both teams is lower than the presented standard, it is called Under, and if it is higher, it is Over or Under/Over. predicted.

Target games include soccer, baseball, volleyball, and basketball, including domestic and international professional leagues and international competitions.


Over ( O )

When the sum of the scores of both teams is greater than the standard set forth in the sporting event.


down (U)

When the sum of the points of both teams is less than the standard set forth in the sporting event

Sports Toto Proto

Prototypes can receive refunds/refunds from the day following the announcement of public office hit results after the announcement of the results, and the refund/refund period is one year from the date of commencement of refunds/refunds.


release cycle

Prototype Matches are released 2-4 times a week.


release period

Sales begin 2-3 days prior to eligible game and end 10 minutes prior to game start. However, due to the minimum purchase unit (combination of 2), the round ends 10 minutes before the 2nd final game on the match day.


For matches held on the same day, the results of the match will be announced on the same day.

Even if results are announced the next day due to the closing time of a match, they are considered to be announced on the day of the match.


Prototype Hit Exception and Sales Invalidation


In accordance with the National Sports Promotion Act and the relevant provisions of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act, and the conditions for the right to vote for sports promotion.


In baseball, basketball, and volleyball matches where no draw ballot item is specified, all odds of winning or losing are multiplied by 1.0 in the event of a draw result. However, if a condition is given in advance, the game result reflecting the condition will be applied.


General betting tickets cannot be canceled, refunded or amended


If the sporting event you bet on is cancelled, all odds for win/draw/loss and under/over of the game will be treated as 1.0x.

If the result of any of the selected matches is confirmed, the right to vote will be valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Toto

It is said that the Sports Toto prototype closes 10 minutes before each game. When does the early morning sports game close?

Ticket sales close 10 minutes prior to the start time of each eligible sporting event.

Currently, sports promotion ticket issuance hours are from 08:00 to 22:00, so matches held after 22:00 close at 21:50, 10 minutes before ticketing closes.


Does Proto apply results including overtime?


  1. Soccer: 1st half/2nd half result applied (excludes overtime and penalty shootout)
  2. Basketball: Final result applied (including overtime)
  3. Serve Ball: Final result applied (including overtime)
  4. Volleyball: final results apply
  5. For baseball, basketball, and volleyball events that do not offer draw odds, if the final result is a draw, all win/loss odds are applied at 1.0x.


Is there an upper limit on the odds and an upper limit on the prize money?

The prototype set the deposit limit at 100 million won in accordance with the basic purpose of raising funds necessary for sports promotion and establishing a sound sports betting culture.

However, the maximum hit amount of 100 million won is the amount hit per vote, not the sum of hits per vote.


How are proto odds calculated?

Dividend rates for each event are calculated based on the expected game results by referring to factors that operators can consider, such as the club’s performance, record, presence or absence of injured players, recent atmosphere, media reports, and popularity.