As technology is evolving day by day, it is making human life easier. In this century, humans have innovated many small and big mechanical components that are essential in making big mechanical machines. Sprocket Gears are one of the vital innovations that have made many mechanical works easier for humans. Many industries need sprockets in large quantities and are always searching for the best Sprocket Manufacturer.

Sprocket is used in many industries so let us go through this article to learn about sprocket gear, its types, and its applications.


What is Sprocket Gear?

A sprocket is a wheel-shaped structure with teeth that is meshed with a notched material that helps to transfer the power in machinery. When the sprocket rotates, then its chain helps to move the other parts of the kinematic links/pairs which are attached to it. Sprocket provides controlled and simple rotary movement to large and small machinery.

Gears manufacturers in India made the sprocket using a variety of materials according to the machine. Generally, they are cast with stainless steel, plastic, wood, cast iron, magnetic alloy, aluminium, brass, powered metal, etc.

Usually, sprockets that are used in large machinery are made up of stainless less, such as 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 201 stainless steel.


Different Types Of Sprockets Gears

Sprockets are widely used in various industries, and a few frequently used sprockets include;

  • Industrial sprockets
  • Chain sprockets
  • Triplex sprockets
  • Steel split sprockets
  • Quick disconnect sprockets
  • Double plus sprocket
  • Duplex sprockets
  • Drum sprockets
  • Single-pitch and double-pitch sprocket
  • Shaft sprockets

Classification Of Sprocket Gears Based on Their Uses

Sprockets are mainly classified into four types depending upon size, dimension, diameter, and teeth width and depth.

Type A Sprocket

This type of Sprocket gear is designed in which the surface is flat and is projected on the centre of the equipment. In this type of sprocket, there is no thickness or hub. It is also known as a plate sprocket. This is used for welding onto the shaft and drilling holes for fitting the sprocket in the drives.

Type B Sprocket

In this type B, there is a center on only one side of the sprocket. Having the center only on one side makes the sprocket fit perfectly on the machine to which it is attached.

Type C Sprocket

Type C sprocket is designed with two centers or hubs. It is mostly used where the pitch diameter is large, and there is excessive weight to support the shaft. Type C is used where the load is larger, and because of that, it has two hubs.

Type D Sprocket

This type D sprocket is the same as type A sprocket, and it is used to attach to a solid or bar centre. It can be easily splinted and attached to its centre. You can use it to control the speed ratio without removing the bearing or any other equipment.

Closing Thoughts

There are many sprocket gear manufacturer in India that can provide you with a quality sprocket that can increase your production and also improves your machine efficiency. If you want to buy a good quality sprocket, then you must contact a trusted manufacturer in your country that can provide you with a quality sprocket according to your requirement.


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