When it comes to preparing for Halloween, movie costumes can come in handy and most people tend to fall into two main categories – people who bought their costumes a few months in advance and people who prefer pulling last-minute costumes. If you fall into the category of people who pull last-minute costumes, we get it. The costume options are endless for you and this can make it tough when it comes to making the right decision.

You can also think outside the box and choose a pun or funny costume. You can also go with the classic costumes such as witch, pirate and cat costumes. However, those are still vast pools to choose costumes from. You can look at the big screen and get inspired by movie stars.

We have created this list for you so that you can get inspiration from popular throwback movies such as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, Sandy from Grease, and so on. The best part about getting inspiration from movies is that most of the ideas work for best friends, couples, groups, and so on.

Sandy costume

If you are devoted to this movie Grease then it is time to pull off a great costume for your needs. You will get use out of the pieces of your costume even after Halloween is over. You can pair your high-waisted jeans with your bodysuit and loafers. Leather leggings will also be ideal when buying your costumes online.

Forrest Gump

This is another easy costume to put together and all you will need is a plaid shirt and a light suit. Do not forget to carry a box of chocolates because it drives the look home.

Mrs. Doubtfire

You can channel this costume by searching for vintage floral dresses and top them off with a white apron, pair of oversized glasses and a grey wig. The good thing is that you could be having some of these items in your home or you could buy them cheaply online and put your costume together.

Holly Golightly costume

The best part of getting a Holly Golightly costume is that you can make any black dress in your wardrobe work since it is the accessories that make the costume recognisable.

Ghostbuster costume

If you have friends, colleagues or family members that would like to wear group costumes then you can wrangle them into making this great idea a group costume.

Dorothy costume

If you are a fan of The Wizard of OZ then you can put together a Dorothy costume easily and quickly. Instead of purchasing a costume, you will wear once, you can layer a nice gingham dress over your white blouse and dress them up separately after the holiday is over.

Vivian Ward costume

This is one of the most popular movie costumes that you can put together easily with what you already have. It has been thirty years since the Pretty Woman film hit theatres but you will be recognisable in this cute costume.