Tata Motors is one of the key players in the Commercial Vehicle sector and has products in all ranges. All of the vehicles have their significance in their respective fields. Apart from the loading and unloading works, the brand also focuses on other products, like the Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC, a Transit Mixer. The vehicle has many quality features, which helps in earning more profits. Also, let’s talk about the specifications and Features of Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC.

Specifications of Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC:-

Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC comes with a Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 engine. The engine of this vehicle generates a high power and torque of 250 HP and 950 NM, respectively. The benefit of this vehicle is that it reduces the time of the overall process. Before this, the transportation time and mixing were different, but now the machine mixes the construction material while the vehicle runs on the road. It can drive at a maximum speed of 80 KMPH. Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC mileage lies in the range of 3-4 KMPL, which is good for a heavy vehicle of this calibre. 

It has a GVW of 28,000 KG and a load body size of 8 m3. In addition, the vehicle has a fuel tank capacity of 300 litres which promises long-distance transportation. It also reduces the number of fuel stops with this high economy and big fuel tank. Tata Signa 2825.K REPTO RMC comes at a very effective price with all these specifications. 

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