Your mental health can impact the way you deal with a trauma such as losing the ability to walk. Another step you can take is to build a support system. This can be in terms of your family friends or people who are going through the same thing. Resources such as the Adaptive Bodybuilding Team are another avenue you can take if you are facing mobility concerns. Being wheel chair bound is a challenge. From the day you have to move using one, you feel a sense of loss. Even if you do have limited mobility just the use of a wheelchair may put you in low spirits.

While the sense of loss is real and should not be ignored, being mindful of your journey ahead and preparing will help you navigate through life. A highly recommended approach is to work with a therapist to manage the trauma and move toward recovery. The team there is highly qualified to assist you through the process of finding a way to stay fit despite the barriers you face.

Moreover, you will find people who are facing similar concerns around you. The motivation and positivity you will find here will be a way to move forward in life. Adaptive fitness has been around for decades and even athletes with disabilities have made an impact on the community. Therefore, if you are in a wheelchair you don’t have to give up on your fitness journey. You can find ways to improve your overall well-being and make the most out of life. If you are just beginning your journey to a better life, read up on the following.

5 Things to Know About Wheel Chair Fitness

It is quite common to think that being wheelchair-bound puts you at a disadvantage. And it certainly does. However, in terms of maintaining your health and staying fit, you can go through the loopholes and find solutions that work wonders for your mental and physical health. Following are things you should know if you are wheelchair-bound:

1. You won’t Break

For those who have no use for their legs, there are so many assumptions they have to deal with. Some assume that because of their condition, they cannot perform certain exercises or work on certain muscles.

This isn’t quite true. For instance, with spinal injuries and cases of scoliosis, you can work on your back muscles with bending exercises. Bear in mind that you mustn’t go beyond your personal comfort level, the rest is all fine.

In addition to this assuming that certain muscles don’t work just because your legs are responding is a mistake. For instance, modified pushups and planks can do wonders for the abdomen and you will find that the muscles respond just as well for you as for those with functional legs.

Besides this, you can find some modified machines in an adaptive gym to help manage muscle mass, target stationary muscles, and get the blood circulation going. It is highly recommended to speak to your physician before you begin pushing your boundaries.

2. You Can Join A League

Game-changing- revolutionary, whatever you may want to call it. Anyone who suffers from a disability can find the most effective way to improve their core strength and work on the mental aspects of the process.

For most understanding their limits and what they are capable of is a challenge. Finding people in similar situations can help you understand your situation better and find ways to make the most of the rest of your body.

For those who choose to play sports like tennis or polo working on their abs and arm strength is quite easier. Moreover, joining a league or a gym that is made for adaptive fitness can help you find avenues to enjoy movement while being a part of a group.

3. You Will Feel Better “Normal” Even

Despite disrespectful words being cut out of the vocabulary for those with disabilities, they and only they understand what it means to feel normal. The good news is that joining a community with people who are going through the same challenges will help you feel much better and more normal.

Seeing how someone copes with a hindrance can be valuable for those who are suffering from a mental block because of their condition. You can find gyms and workout spaces that are completely dedicated to people with disabilities.

If not then you can certainly find options with adaptive equipment that can let you work on more than just the arms. In most gyms, the trainers and other staff are excited to help you on your journey and will help understand the equipment which you can use for your workout.

4. At Home WorkOuts Are A Thing

For those who are wheelchair-bound because of an injury, the adapting process is excruciating. They may feel as of they aren’t capable of doing anything anymore. However, this isn’t quite true. Thankfully, because there are so many differently-abled athletes and fitness influencers you can find ways to incorporate workouts at home.

Bear in mind that muscle fatigue is a normal thing and to counteract these you can find challenges like a 21-day challenge and rowing challenges to switch it up. There are some challenges specifically made for those with specific conditions. 

For wheel-chair bound individuals, most of these exercises target their upper body strength, but you can certainly find ways to incorporate core workouts such as the modified plant and pushups to work on areas you think must be kept in shape.

5. The Buddy System will work For You

Sometimes when faced with physical challenges coming out of your shell is a challenge. However, one way to ensure that you remain on track and find the most effective ways to keep in shape is to employ the buddy system.

A support system can help you gain the confidence you need to go through life with a positive mindset, despite what it might through at you. And yes you can have an able-bodied friend as your buddy too!

Finding the Motivation and Assistance You Need

As someone with a wheel-chair focused disability, you have to find solutions that work for you. However, working with people who understand is a gift that will get you the results you need in life. Get in touch with experts at the Adaptive Bodybuilding Team to understand your journey and find ways to become a healthier version of yourself.