For any processed product or service, before it launches, testing is necessary to check its functions. Testing certifies the quality of the developed product. In the software testing world, there are two types of testing manual and automated web application testing. In both types, the test case is executed, then the outcome is compared with what was expected.

Essentially, manual testing involves a human effort to ensure that software code does what it is supposed to do. But how does automation testing work? In contrast, it involves automating the execution of tests, managing test data, and utilizing the results to improve the quality of software. Automation testing is also divided into sub-parts like web UI, web browser, functional testing tools, and many others. There are certain platforms or organizations working in these categories to help you with automated testing. Like manual testing, automation testing has also steps in which automated testing processes work. Let us have a look at the steps in brief for your easy functionality:

  1. Define the scope of automation, which means the area of your application in which the test will be automated.
  2. Like saas testing requires saas-based application testing. After determining the area, now it is time for you to pick up a tool for automation testing. There are several tools. Choose according to your application test build and your test criterion.
  3. Design a workflow and project-focused Standard Operations procedure for the overall Software Testing Life Cycle.
  4. Once the testing steps are finished, it is time to take action. Write the script and run the test automatically.
  5. After the completion of testing, a test report will be generated. Check out the report. If there are bugs, fix them, or if they are perfect, then transfer them.
  6. Do not forget to save the scripts of reusable tests. It will save you the time of writing the same scripts for every new test.

There is no doubt automation testing reduces your workload and saves plenty of time. It increases work efficiency and quality. Deliver the perfect product to your client and improve the customer experience. If you are looking for a tool or an automation testing company for automated testing, TestJet can be your final destination. They provide quality tools for each and every kind of automated testing.