What are the Steps to Write a Last Will and Testament?


The Last Will and Testament, which is a legal document signed by a person known as the testator, details the testator’s wishes for asset distribution, the management of interests and accounts, and the custody of minor dependents. As the name suggests, a last will expresses a person’s final wishes regarding how his / her assets will be bequeathed, as stated prior to his death.

A last will and testament in Florida is not required to follow any particular format or use particular language. The intention of the testator to distribute his / her property, which should take effect after his death, must be disclosed in the document, though.

How to Make a Last Will and Testament?

Here are the steps to writing a last will and testament.

1. If you are going to write your will, decide whether you will do it the traditional way—with an estate lawyer—or online. To move the process along, you should get in touch with an attorney who specializes in wills and testaments.

2. Make a decision regarding the property you want to leave in your will. Give each beneficiary a specific piece of property in your will.

3. Choose an executor. Get his permission first, of course.

4. Choose a guardian for your minor children if you have any. Get their permission in advance, likewise.

5. Sign your will. Most states require at least two witnesses to your signing, though some may call for more (check your state’s laws on this and whether your will needs to be notarized).

6. Keep your will securely stored. Consider getting your executor access to a safe deposit box at your neighborhood bank, but make sure the bank has given them permission to do so.

7. Review your will frequently, and make any necessary amendments.

Without the assistance of an estate planning lawyer, creating a will is frequently a quick and affordable process that involves filling out an online form. You can create, print, and sign your last will and testament online. A Last will and testament template can be downloaded from the internet free of cost.