How to store artwork in storage rentals? Well, you can keep them safe by renting a space for self storage in Ramsgate. Having 24/7 CCTV surveillance, these units are the safest. Whether you are an artist, collector or someone who loves to own artwork, it will help you. Most people lack ideal spaces in their places to store these precious works. Even if you have a separate place for artwork, it may not be enough. Squeezing them in a place can damage these. And no one would want to ruin their precious collections or creations. Well, storage rentals can be that extra space for you. So that you can keep all your artwork safe. Yet, you should ensure that you are storing your sculptures in the right way. Wondering how? Well, we will discuss it further in the following blog post.

How To Store Your Artwork Accurately In Storage Units?

The artwork is delicate. You should place them somewhere safe to ensure their safety. Alongside that, you should also ensure that they are kept right. And here is a guide for that:

  • If most of your artworks are small and delicate, then you must put them in a storage cube or storage bin. In this way, you can keep your belongings safe from most damage.
  • If your artwork is large, then you must invest in a storage pod with shelves. This type of storage pod is usually designed to store artwork. The storage shelves will provide you with more safety for your sculptures.
  • And if you have a mixture of small and large pieces of artwork, use a combined storage unit. Having both storage cube and shelf facilities, these combined storage options will be ideal. They will allow you to use your storage space smartly and ensure the safety of your artwork.
  • Even if your statues and sculptures are in storage boxes, you must place the largest items against the walls of the storage unit. Alongside that, also ensure that all your artworks are placed on their flat surface.
  • Before storing your sculptures and artworks wrap them in acid-free paper. And then put this wrapped artwork in sturdy storage boxes. Apart from the acid-free paper, you can also use other safe packing supplies. It will help you protect your precious collection from scratches and damage.
  • Also, ensure that all your sculptures are clean and dry before packing them. Why? Well, having dirt and moisture built up on statues and artwork can damage them in the future.

Are you an artist or do you love collecting sculptures? If yes, then renting a space for self storage in Ramsgate will be helpful for you. If you are running out of your artwork storage, these storage pods with 24/7 security and weather control features can help you keep them safe. All you have to do is make sure that you are storing them in the right way.