In the world of IT staff augmentation, hiring services to augment your workforce with specialized professionals is just the beginning. Retaining and nurturing these augmented IT staff members is equally crucial. High turnover can disrupt projects, affect team morale, and increase costs. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies for retaining augmented IT staff, specifically tailored for businesses operating outside India. At iValuePlus, we understand the value of a stable and dedicated augmented team, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Why Retention Matters in IT Staff Augmentation

Retention is often an overlooked aspect of IT staff augmentation. Businesses invest time and resources in finding the right talent, but they must also ensure these professionals stay engaged and committed to their projects. High turnover can result in the loss of institutional knowledge, increased recruitment expenses, and project delays. Here are some effective strategies to retain augmented IT staff.

Competitive Compensation Packages: Offer competitive compensation that aligns with industry standards. Ensure that your augmented staff members feel valued and fairly compensated for their skills and contributions.

Career Development Opportunities: Provide a clear path for career growth and skill development. IT professionals are more likely to stay with an organization that offers opportunities for learning and advancement. At iValuePlus, we support ongoing training and professional development for our augmented staff.

A Positive Work Environment: Foster a positive work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. A positive workplace culture can significantly impact job satisfaction and retention.

Open Communication: Create channels for open and transparent communication. Encourage feedback and listen to the concerns and suggestions of your augmented staff. This helps in addressing issues promptly and improving overall job satisfaction.

Recognition and Rewards: Acknowledge and reward the contributions of your augmented IT staff. Recognition programs can boost morale and motivation, making staff members feel appreciated and valued.

Flexibility: Offer flexible work arrangements when possible. This can include remote work options or flexible hours, which can be especially appealing to IT professionals.

Inclusive Team Integration: Ensure that your augmented staff members feel like an integral part of your team. Effective integration with your in-house team fosters a sense of belonging and can lead to higher retention rates.

Regular Performance Feedback: Provide regular performance feedback and conduct performance evaluations. This helps in setting clear expectations and goals while also identifying areas for improvement.

Competitive Benefits Packages: In addition to competitive salaries, offer attractive benefits packages. This may include health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks that contribute to a well-rounded compensation package.

Opportunities for Advancement: Outline potential career paths for your augmented IT staff. Clearly define how they can progress within the organization, which can be a strong incentive for them to stay.


Retaining augmented IT staff is vital for project continuity, cost-effectiveness, and overall project success. By implementing these strategies and partnering with iValuePlus, you can create an environment where your augmented IT professionals are motivated, engaged, and committed to the long-term success of your projects. Remember, it’s not just about hiring services; it’s about fostering a partnership built on trust and growth.

Contact iValuePlus today to learn how we can assist your business in retaining your augmented IT staff effectively. With iValuePlus, you’re not just giving hiring services; you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to your success in international markets.