The newest fashion accessory trend is silk square scarves, which are also simple to wear. They rank among the most adaptable fashion accessories available and can be worn in various ways to add style to almost any outfit. A high-quality Italian silk scarf is an excellent investment for your wardrobe because it will last for many years. Medallions of florals and birds create a sophisticated and classic pattern on the Birdhouse square scarf.

Generally, for a chic, feminine appearance, tie the silk scarf around your neck, your waist, or the handle of your bag. For an elegant daytime men’s look, wear it with a shirt and jeans or style it with a formal white suit for a day at the office. Let’s learn more ways to style the birdhouse unisex square scarf for both men and women.

Styling Tips for Women

Draped Front Knot

To add a feminine touch to casual outfits with jeans, drape a silk Birdhouse square scarf to create an effortlessly chic appearance. Starting on the diagonal, roll your scarf loosely. With the ends facing forward and tied loosely to one side, wrap it once around your neck. Take a cue from any fashion blogger and pick a brightly printed birdhouse unisex square scarf to accessorize a white shirt with a menswear-inspired collar.

Bow Tie Scarf Wrap

This elegant scarf knot can be worn with dressy attire and also works well to update more casual attire instantly. Simply roll your Birdhouse square scarf diagonally, bring it around your neck, and tie it into a bow at the front to achieve this surprisingly simple look. Use this trick to dress up your t-shirt and weekend jeans.

Styling Tips for Men

The Cowboy Look

This is how many people wear neckerchiefs, not just cowboys. T-shirts, crewneck and V-neck sweaters, and button-down shirts all look great with this outfit (with the top button undone). Wear your birdhouse unisex square scarf with the point in the center or off-center for a dashing look. Use the triangle fold to fold your scarf. Tie a basic knot at the back with the point facing forward, then arrange it as desired.

The ASCOT Look

Similar to an ascot tie, this Birdhouse square scarf look creates an elegant but less formal appearance. This is the ideal substitute if you want to give your outfit a polished finish that people will notice instead of a necktie. In contrast to the daytime cravat look, the ends are tied here before being tucked into your shirt. Take the long end and fold it over the short end before bringing it around the back as if you were going to tie a simple knot. There should be two loose ends in front, one longer than the other. The top tail should be fluffed out to fill the gap after you tuck the ends into your shirt. This look can be worn with a single undone button or several.


At ArtDogs, we create 100% pure silk neckties with distinctive, original patterns. These birdhouse unisex square scarfs are printed using non-toxic vegetable dyes, and the hand-rolled hems give the edges a polished appearance.