With Negative Apparel’s magnificent lingerie collection in Pakistan, you’re invited to a world of elegance and allure. Every woman should, in our opinion, feel attractive, at ease, and confident. Check out our selection of undergarments made to accentuate your inherent beauty and raise your self-confidence.

Boost Your Self-Assurance

Find underwear that not only fits like a dream but also gives you more self-assurance. Our carefully chosen selection features a range of styles, all aimed at making you feel like a goddess, from satin chemises to delicate bras and panties. Accept your sensuality and show off your self-assurance.

Superior Comfort

When it comes to lingerie, comfort is crucial. The best materials are used in the creation of our pieces, guaranteeing a gentle feel against your skin. Enjoy unmatched comfort all day long, regardless of the situation. As you go about your everyday business, you’ll forget you’re even wearing underwear. We will discuss here online lingerie pakistan.

An Ideal Fit

Bid adieu to baggy underwear. We are aware of how important the proper fit is. Examine our selection of sizes and styles, which have been painstakingly created to accommodate various body shapes. You’ll discover the ideal fit that highlights your features and exudes extraordinary confidence.

Covertly Provided to You

We have taken care to ensure that you can look your sexiest with our discreet packaging because we are aware of the stigmas associated with living in Pakistan. At Negative Apparel, we offer our clients discretion along with all comfort levels. Please feel free to order. 

Lingerie that Boosts Your Self-assurance!

It is imperative that you choose your intimate apparel carefully. When it counts most, how you feel and the kind of mood you’re in can be greatly influenced by what’s underneath that stylish dress or sharp suit!

View the Most Recent Lingerie Collections

There are a plethora of varieties of intimate apparel available. Selecting the one that will work best for you can be challenging. Selecting the type of product to purchase should always be based on factors that establish its quality and value. Your best friend may be a bra and underwear set because they are both cozy and supportive! British Lingerie Studio offers a wide selection of underwear for all the friends you’ll require in your lifetime. Every other week, we release new collections and update our designs to reflect the constantly evolving trends.

Feel Good Underwear Selection

Wearing our premium casual clothing for women will help you feel at ease and enjoy the remainder of the day. Our superior fabric seamless bras and panties for women provide a smooth, silky feel against your skin without any visible panty lines!


Knowing where and what to buy makes life easier. When it comes to lingerie, the most annoying thing is when you can’t seem to find the right size. Wait! Your frustration will soon subside because we have the most effective fixes for your issue. With a variety of designs and a bra-size calculator, British Lingerie Studio offers the highest quality women’s lingerie in Islamabad. 

Different Types of Lingeries

Beautiful Nighties

The Intimation Nightwear Collection from MUMLUV will help you embrace your inner seductress. Find Magnificent Patterns and Unstoppable Coziness, and Unlock Your Intimacy. For the Most Intimate Experience, peruse our Online Store.

Closet Lingerie

Discover the Intimation Lingerie Collection by MUMLUV and indulge in passionate elegance. Discover Your Inner Goddess with Sensual Comfort and Luxurious Designs.

Swimsuit Selection

Dive into Exquisite Splendor and Peruse MUMLUV’s Selection of Bikinis. Unleash Your Beach Confidence with Exceptional Comfort and Stunning Designs.

Briefs & Bras

Discover MUMLUV’s Exciting Bra and Panties Collection to Uplift Your Intimate Style. Adore Confidence with Stunning Designs and Unparalleled Coziness.

Animated stockings

Explore the Exciting Stockings Collection from MUMLUV to Unleash Your Seductive Charm. Improve Your Lingerie Game with Unparalleled Elegance and Exquisite Designs.

Cosplay Underwear

Explore MUMLUV’s Intimating Cosplay Lingerie Collection to embrace fantasy and seduction. Discover Your Inner Role-Player with Sensual Playfulness and Elegant Designs.

Gorgeous Bodysuit

Introducing MUMLUV’s Tantalizing Bodysuit Lingerie Collection: Seductive Allure Awaits. With our exquisite designs, you can embrace your sensuality and ignite your desires while exploring passion and confidence in every curve. 

How Your Order Confirmation Is Handled?

Our staff will get in touch with you after your online order has been placed to double-check and confirm the measurements are accurate.

Selecting and Stuffing

We carefully select and package your order in our specially designed lingerie storage boxes! We take great care of them so you can continue to enjoy them for many years.

Secure Packing

Before being shipped, the underwear is packaged using regular quality materials and delivered to a courier. This guarantees complete confidentiality, so until the package is opened, no one will know what treats are inside!

All Set to Ship

When everything is prepared, we will dispatch it for delivery across Pakistan. You’ll receive a tracking number, so that is no longer an issue!


Are you in love with the way your body looks? If the answer is no, try falling in love with yourself by dressing in sensual underwear. If you’re a woman, you should have some unique undergarments in your wardrobe, like lingerie. Your love movements become more intimate as a result. Only you and your partner can see this layer of clothing, making it the most discreet, private, and intimate item of apparel. Wearing your lingerie makes you feel like the goddess you truly are.