In Vedic astrology, the Sun signifies the soul. It is the king of the planets, while the Moon is the queen. The Sun transits in one of the 12 zodiac signs every month. Its transit will affect people born under the signs in different ways.

The Sun is a fire element, and its character is Kshatriya. It is the lord of the East direction. The Sun is friendly with the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars, and it is inimical to Venus, Saturn, and Rahu-Ketu. It is neutral with Mercury. The Sun has great significance in Hinduism. When favorably placed in a birth chart, it can bestow success and good positions.

The Sun takes around 30 days to transit in each sign. It will be transiting in Aquarius on Feb 13 at 9.44 am.

The Sun is not friendly toward Saturn, the ruling planet of Aquarius sign. Some may feel impatient or angry when things are delayed. Others may have experiences that affect their pride or ego. Those who have bossy managers may face troubles from them.

Some people could have noble impulses and gain new ideas for helping others. During this transit, one can spend time and money on charitable deeds. One can help elderly people, feed the hungry, or take up projects that help others gain access to clean water.

It is a good time for those with musical talents. They can share their gifts through community service like church choirs or performing at social gatherings.

This article looks at the effects of Sun transit in Aquarius on all the 12 zodiac signs in 2023.

Sun transit 2023 in Aquarius for Aries

For Aries natives, Sun transit means the lord of their 5th house (Sun) will be in their 11th house. The 11th house indicates friends, social contacts, wishes, and dreams. It is likely to be a favorable transit for you. You may get a boost of energy during this time. Try to use this energy for good things and do not misuse it, as it can harm you. Avoid egoism. Work hard, and you will get good results. Some may get promoted. Auspicious functions are likely at home. Travel, especially for pilgrimage, is possible. Overseas trips are likely, too.


Chant Ram Raksha Stotra in the morning daily.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Taurus
For Taurus natives, the lord of their 4th house (Sun) will be transiting through their 10th house. The 10th house indicates career, ambitions, and fame. This can be a good time for your career. You may try to correct your mistakes now. It’s time to show the right attitude. Try to change and learn new things. Or you may face a tough time.


Offer water to the Sun (in a copper vessel) every day in the morning.

Sun transit 2023 in Aquarius for Gemini
For Gemini natives, the lord of the 3rd house (Sun) will be transiting in the 9th house. The 9th house is the house of intuition, pilgrimage, and religion. This transit may bring many changes in life. It can be favorable, especially for your career. Both on the financial and academic fronts, you may do well. You will become more social. Your prestige may grow. You may embark on a pilgrimage. An important function may take place in your family.


Meditate before the Surya Yantra regularly.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Cancer
For Cancer natives, the lord of the 2nd house (Sun) will be transiting through their 8th house. The 8th house signifies spirituality, inheritance, and cryptic knowledge. The transit may not be a good time for you. Finances may be affected, and some valuables may be lost. There may be problems in inheritances, joint accounts, and ancestral properties. Your sanity may be threatened as circumstances could be challenging. You may develop an interest in spirituality and occult sciences like astrology, etc.


Respect your father or fatherly figures.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Leo

For Leos, the lord of their 1st house (Sun) will be transiting in their 7th house. The 7th house signifies partnerships, enemies, and litigation. You may have to use your troubleshooting skills now. Obstacles may appear one after the other. Legal issues are likely. Steer clear of risks. Someone you trust may betray you. You may develop depressing thoughts about religion. You may feel concerned about social prestige and your partner now.


Perform Surya Namaskar daily in the morning.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Virgo

For Virgo, the lord of their 12th house (Sun) will be transiting in their 6th house. The 6th house represents debts, health, and daily routine. There may be some obstacles in different aspects of your life. Professionals could have work-related pressures. Unless you are careful, your career may become stalled due to some problems. Avoid too many expectations. Try to handle disappointments in a mature manner, and do not become depressed. Financial losses are possible.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Libra

For Libra, the lord of their 11th house (Sun) will be transiting in their 5th house. The 5th house signifies love affairs, happiness, and creativity. The results of this transit may be average only. Distractions are likely, so stay focused. Do not pursue meaningless activities. Commitment issues could crop up in your love life. You will think out of the box and come up with novel ideas that are not conventional.

Don’t consume too much salt.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Scorpio

For Scorpios, the lord of their 10th house (Sun) will be transiting through their 4th house. The 4th house signifies relatives, domestic affairs, and family. There may be some emotional challenges now. Social and cultural values may come to the fore. There could be disputes at work, and relocation looks possible. Issues with loved ones may disturb you. Headaches, blood-related problems, and joint pains are likely. You will feel moody and irritated at times. Emotional connections could be good.

Recite the Gayatri Mantra daily in the morning.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, the lord of their 3rd house (Sun)will be transiting through their 3rd house. The 3rd house signifies local travels, psychological tendencies, and communication. Your intellect can help you succeed now. Your creative ideas may bring you name, fame, and money. You may be able to implement your plans in an effective manner. There may be progress on the material plane. Despite setbacks, you may win social acclaim.

Offer water to the Sun every morning.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Capricorn
For Capricorn natives, the lord of their 8th house (Sun) will be transiting through their 2nd house. The 2nd house is related to property, earnings, and your worth. You may have mixed results in this period. Family and finances may occupy your mind now. There could be issues related to inheritance, joint accounts, and property. You may make many efforts to change your lifestyle. Your financial progress may not be to your satisfaction. Delays are likely in recovering pending dues.

After wearing footwear, wash your hands properly.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, the lord of the 7th house (Sun) will be transiting through their 1st house. The 1st house signifies the self and the way you live. Self-improvement will be your focus now. Building a strong image will matter to you. You could make more efforts to achieve your goals in life. Other people’s needs and desires may not be on your radar. The desire to accumulate worldly possessions will increase. Avoid negative thoughts. Hard work and truthfulness may bring rewards. Don’t neglect your health. Stress may cause some problems.

Show respect to father figures in your family.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius for Pisces

For Pisces natives, the lord of their 6th house (Sun) will be transiting through their 12th house. The 12th house indicates unexpected problems and restrictions. Life could be hectic now. Some minor issues may bother you and deprive you of peace of mind. But problems may resolve themselves with time, and things could become normal again. You may lack energy and vitality. You will feel annoyed over small things, and people will be on the receiving end of your anger at times. Try to be nice to co-workers and loved ones. Or, you may hurt everyone. Be polite in your speech.

Avoid antagonizing government officials.