The surgical intervention leads to an excellent prognosis for early and mid-stages of cancer, i.e., before cancer gets to spread throughout the body. However, surgery should only be performed by a skilled surgical oncologist in Kolkata. Before you decide to undergo treatment under the supervision of a surgical oncologist, it is important to understand the contours and nature of the cancer surgeries.

Types of Surgery:

There are many different kinds of surgical approaches to treating cancer, depending on the demands of your case. It could be to remove the malignancy, relieve pain or improve the overall quality of life. Let’s take a cursory glance at the broad types of surgeries that are available.

  • Resection:

In the resection surgery, an oncologist in Kolkata excises the tumor along with some marginal tissues. It is an extremely effective procedure to treat early cancer and nullify any possibility of further recurrence.

  • Debulking

Debulking is a type of surgery that removes a part or fragments of the tumor instead of removing it entirely. Often a big tumor might be entrenched deep within the organs, and henceforth, attempting to remove it completely may cause collateral damage to the nearby organs. In a scenario like this, the surgical oncologist might want to remove the tumor partially.

  • Palliative surgery

Palliative surgery is the surgical management of late-stage cancer. It can help relieve pain in certain parts of your body due to the spread of the cancer.

  • Reconstructive

Often, treating cancer might take a serious toll on your aesthetic appearance. Reconstructive surgery is utilized to adjust those disfigurations.

How to navigate the decision about surgery?

If you have early-stage cancer, you should opt for resection surgery as the latter has proved to be extremely effective in eliminating the risk of further spread. Talk to a surgical oncologist to gain a thorough understanding of the consequences and full implications of the surgical treatment.

Moreover, if you are suffering from excruciating pain emanating from the late stage of cancer, palliative surgery might bring you significant relief.

Often, shrinking the tumor can significantly facilitate the outcome of cancer treatment. If that’s so, you are a suitable candidate for the debulking surgery.

Cancer surgery leaves significant scars and disfigurements; if that’s the case with you, reconstructive surgery might solve your problem.

However, in some layered cases of cancer, certain combinations of these surgeries might also be required, as per the guidance of a surgical oncologist in kolkata. Often, debulking surgery might need to be assisted with palliative surgery, and so forth. Hence, an expert cancer surgeon can better determine the tailored surgery specific to the requirements of the case.