When organizing an executive protection mission, a client and mission planner may occasionally disagree on the type of vehicle they would prefer to utilize. This may be due to a variety of factors, including the vehicle’s suitability for the upcoming assignment and the fact that the majority of executive protection services use a mix of SUVs and sedans for secure transportation.

Although us sedan miami are progressively becoming a popular option among customers and protection firms, SUVs are still widely regarded as the vehicle of choice when it comes to executive security.

When choosing from a safety standpoint, keep in mind that an SUV is both enormous and incredibly heavy, especially when compared to “normal” road vehicles. This indicates that used bulletproof cars for sale have a much higher energy absorption capacity than a conventional Sedan.

It’s also important to note that there is a common misperception that SUVs are more risky since they are heavier and have a higher likelihood of turning over in an accident. There is no conclusive evidence to support the theory that this leads to a greater death rate in these kinds of cars.



There is a lot more metal and substance between the passengers and the road when examining the SUV’s architecture. Due to this, SUV drivers experience a far better level of safety behind the wheel than drivers of sedans or other smaller cars.

Despite differences in construction, both cars have similar safety equipment like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other features, which means that armored suvs for sale often outperform other types of vehicles in terms of safety.

The armored sedans easily earns another point, as you might imagine.

Overall, all things considered, it appears like the SUV is the logical decision, especially when it comes to things like safety and protection. However, keeping this in mind, SUVs are not appropriate for every job, task, circumstance, or mission environment.

In the end, given their prior knowledge and the client’s preferences, the mission coordinator and the client must make the ultimate decision. Since the client is paying for the service, all of their expectations and personal standards must be met.

When selecting an SUV, it’s important to pay careful consideration to who will be able to operate it during the expedition. Due to the significant differences between SUVs and “regular” road automobiles, sufficient reinforced driving instruction should be provided before operating an SUV. When comparing a Sedan and an SUV, handling changes drastically.

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