The Swaraj tractor is well-known in Indian agriculture and has a large customer base due to its commitment to providing reliable and robust machinery to farmers across the country. The Swaraj 742 tractor become a trusted among the farmers for its power, performance, and versatility. With advanced features, rugged construction, and modern features, this tractor delivers exceptional results across various farming activities.

Key Specifications:

Engine and Power:

The Swaraj 742 FE tractor has a powerful 42 HP engine which is featured with 3 cylinders, and 4 stroke and inline diesel engine designed to deliver impressive power and torque at 2000 RPM. With this engine tractor is capable of handling various agricultural tasks like plowing to hauling.


The Swaraj 742 FE tractor features a smooth and reliable transmission system that offers 8 forward and 2 reverse gear options. This ensures smooth gear shifting, better control, and optimal power distribution during various farming activities. Swaraj 742 comes with single and dual clutch options.

Hydraulic System and PTO:

The Swaraj 742 tractor comes with a robust hydraulic system that has a lifting capacity of 1700 kg. it also has the Category I, II -3 points linkage and is able to handle more implements such as MB plough, trailer, and more. The ADDC control makes it able to adjust implements more effectively.

The Power Take-Off (PTO) mechanism transfers the maximum power of 35.70 HP to a variety of implements to enhance the versatility of the tractor.

Ergonomics and Operator Comfort:

The ergonomic operator platform, comfortable seating, and user-friendly controls ensure that operators can work efficiently and comfortably, even during extended hours of operation.

The Swaraj 742 FE tractor incorporates advanced precision farming features that enable accurate and efficient farming operations. These features contribute to optimized yields, reduced input wastage, and sustainable agriculture.