That title sounds like a dramatic statement, but magnesium tablets Brisbane really did make my life, as a woman in her fifties, so much easier. Being in the middle of menopause is not much fun! I get tired, I get moody, I have trouble sleeping and I have those terrible night sweats. And for me, the night sweats sometimes continue in the day; a cup of coffee can put me in a sweat and a glass of wine at night has me going bright red!

And while I do see my doctor and get proper professional health care, a little supplement like magnesium has made a huge difference too. I sleep better. I don’t get horrible leg cramps anymore. I am not so moody. And I kind of wish I had discovered magnesium earlier, and not just during my menopause. I believe it to be so beneficial.

Supplements and their benefits

You should see a doctor if you are worried, health-wise.  Natural supplements are exactly what they say they are; a supplement. A supplement may be just enough or all that you need for whatever ailment you have, but you might need some medical attention as well. If you are suffering from body cramps, muscle cramps, lack of sleep or insomnia, and mood swings, definitely try magnesium but also check with your doctor if any of these conditions are ongoing. It is always a good idea to balance medical care with supplements and natural care, and maybe you only need one or the other. Supplements that you take should be natural, like the magnesium I take, and you can get them from a natural health store or from a supermarket or pharmacy. There are many brands so just buy a reputable brand and look for words like natural.

You might need more than just magnesium tablets Brisbane but they work so well for me!