MOT tests were first launched in 1960; today, all vehicles must pass their MOT Bilston to get considered “street legal. Making the test essential for everyone who owns a car and intends to drive it. The test can help prevent possible vehicle accidents and help strengthen the security of all street users and drivers.

An MOT test gets conducted annually, but it is only required for cars under three years old once they have been on the road for three years. A PDI, or Pre-Delivery Inspection, get conducted on every new vehicle before it gets allowed to leave the showroom.

The car cannot get operated on any UK street without a valid MOT certificate. In addition, renewing the car’s road tax is difficult, which is another essential need for driving on public roads. You must maintain the vehicle in a reliable and secure state. As, because going without a valid MOT certification will result in a severe penalty. Apart from that, in the event of an accident, the insurance policy will be worthless. And the vehicle owner will be responsible for paying all charges.

All Parts Must Be in Excellent Functioning Condition for the Car to Pass Its MOT Test:

Headlights and Pointers

The headlights and markers on the car will get a thorough inspection as part of its yearly MOT test. If for any reason, these components fail to function correctly or even give a lousy light tone, the car will promptly fail its MOT.

It may be as simple as a blown bulb that must get replaced; in most cases, this is an important activity that can get completed without pausing for a second. In any case, the issue might be a circuit or wiring problem that cannot get resolved right away. The same is true for a broken or damaged headlight or taillight.

Many individuals assume that a broken or crushed front or rear light would always result in an MOT failure, but this isn’t always the case. It might fail if the break or crush revealed an unacceptable colour of light as the cause. For example, if the driver’s side tail light got shattered over the brake light, revealing white light rather than red, causing a fall down.

Additionally, the headlights’ direction, height, and position get examined. This gets completed using a specifically made piece of hardware, so checking it at home is not very natural. However, if you believe the position of the headlights to be a little off, have the nearby carport check it out and, if necessary, replace it.

Problems Regarding Tyres

The most common cause of MOT failures is tyre depth, so as much as possible, the tyres’ tread depth should be greater than 1.6mm. You will get instructed to change that tyre within two months of the MOT date, even though the car will pass its MOT with a tread depth of 1.7mm.

However, it is not confirmed that tyres get formed of rubber and diverse lines. Your vehicle will fail if the tyre cords lack tread depth or a tear in the tyre sidewall because it is dangerous to drive in these circumstances. You will get instructed to replace this tyre right away.

Cutting Edge of a Torn or Broken Windscreen Wiper

After carefully considering all that may get predicted, many of us have run into an MOT failure. What is the reason behind the failure? There is an apparent flaw with the wiper edge. You can examine the cutting edges of the wipers with a simple routine that takes around 10 seconds for every blade. Lift the wiper arm away from the windscreen, slide the finger or thumb along the jagged edge of the wiper, and check for any splits or breaks. It truly is that simple.

Why is it crucial to keep sharp windscreen wiper edges in perfect shape? If the wiper edge gets ripped or split, it cannot leave a stripe in the field of vision, increasing the risk of an accident.


Last but not least, maintaining vision while driving is essential. Remove anything that could hinder the idea of the road ahead. Many automobile owners may feel uneasy when taking the MOT Brierley Hill test. A failure could result in expensive repair costs or, in some instances, the unrivalled pleasure of getting removed from the market.