Businesses transporting goods or materials to destinations or construction sites rely on Tata CVs. Besides, the pricing factor makes every difference; for instance, Tata pickup is affordable, but the trailer is expensive for users. Yet one offers comfort & the other the enhanced experience of 6 powerful features. 

This blog provides specifications for Tata models, yet Tata prima or Tata Intra price is considered. 

1. Tata Intra V50

Promising more strength, power, performance and loading space, the Tata Intra V50 is everything you need. Besides adhering to BS6 emission norms, the DI engine causes 80 HP output for higher performance. 

Moreover, with 2960 kg of Gross Vehicle Weight, the pickup can reach 1500 kg payload capacity. Also, it does not disturb the vehicle’s balance but promotes a smooth drive. 

In addition, the pickup has a 2600 mm wheelbase and four long-lasting tyres supporting longer distances in the 35 ltr. Of tank capacity, the pickup easily delivers 17 – 22 kmpl mileage. Hence, the Tata pickup price ranges from Rs. 8.90 Lakh to Rs. 9.40 Lakh.

2. Tata Prima 4625.S Trailer

Buying a specialized Tata Prima 4625.S Trailer does not bring any discomfort because it is a robust truck. The trailer is highly productive with enhanced transporting and logistic activities with power 6. 

Tata Prima trailer features electronic fuel theft, 3 Mode fuel economy, AC comfort, and hill start hindering rear and collision. In addition, the engine induces maximum 250 HP output from Cummins ISBe 6.7L engine. 

Furthermore, the wheelbase is  3400 MM, and the fuel tank is 557 Ltr. supplies considerate mileage with GVW 45500 kg. Lastly, the Tata Prima truck price range starts from Rs. 36.60 Lakh – Rs. 43.60 Lakh.