Tenda routers are one of the most efficient internet devices that are capable of providing seamless internet connectivity, but sometimes you may start witnessing the Tenda Wi-Fi not working issue owing to problems related to resetting. So, when you see your Tenda router connected but no internet available there is nothing actually big to worry about as you can easily fix this Tenda router connected but no internet issue by referring to and following the schematic procedure laid down in this quick guide.

Here is the complete step-by-step procedure to reset the Tenda router

Step 1 – To fix the Tendawifi.com not working issue simply begin by locating the Factory Reset button at the back of your Tenda router device.
Step 2 – Continue by pressing the reset button for a few seconds coupled with noticing the constant blinking of light going forward. Step 3 – After you gain reasonable assurance that the LED lights are blinking you must open an updated internet browser followed by visiting the URL “”. Step 4 – On the login page you now have to enter the username and the password wherein you should not forget to punch “admin” in both the fields. Step 5 – As soon as the “Welcome Setup Wizard” opens, continue by clicking the “Next” button in a bid to fix the “Tenda Wi-Fi not working issue”. Step 6 – Now go to the “WLAN Settings” panel and select the “Enable Wireless” option that would be a step forward to fix the Tenda Wi-Fi not working issue. Step 7 – At this moment you should enter the SSID name in the field prescribed therein. Step 8 – After this, create a network name by using alphabets and numbers only with a view to fix the Tenda router connected but no internet issue. Step 9 – At this juncture it is quite pertinent to say that now don’t forget to go to the “Security Settings” segment followed by selecting the “Security Type”. Also, move ahead by entering the password in the relevant space provided for the same. Step 10 – Finally, select the “WPA Personal” option in the “Demonstration Settings” section followed by making sure that “AES” is selected and the password already set is punched in.