Before pharmaceutical products and drugs are supplied in various markets, it is essential to check the drugs. For light exposure testing of drug products in the pharmaceutical companies, photostability chambers are used. The motto of photostability chambers is to test new drug products and substances. You will get a variety of photostability chambers from the top-rated and eminent photostability chambers India manufacturers. The photostability chambers are designed to test various drugs. There are two types of photostability chambers which are used for testing drugs. The sizes of the photostability chambers feature a spacious upright model with an uniform light and a  compact benchtop. The sizes of the photostability chambers also have humidity and temperature distribution facilities.Uses Of Photostability Chambers

Photostability chambers are mainly used for light exposure testing of various drugs which are used in the pharmaceutical industry. The photostability chambers make use of ultraviolet-A fluorescent and cool white lamps which have power levels that let photostability tests to be executed in less than 100 hours. You can be certain to get innovative product features, superior quality, smart touch screen controls, and high accuracy sensors which provide optimal conditions for the testing of photostability.

Prime Benefits Of Photostability Chambers

  1. As you can procure a wide variety of sizes of photostability chambers, the products can be easily installed in the pharmaceutical industries.
  2. Owing to the compact size, photostability chambers can be fitted with ease. The compact size of the photostability chambers India will easily pass through common doorways.
  3. The light equalization filters and uni airflow design will provide the exact uniformity.
  4. Photostability chambers come with a patented high efficiency sterile humidity system.
  5. The best thing about photostability chambers is that the tests can be carried out in less than 100 hours.

It should come as no surprise that working in the pharmaceutical sector, which is a high-stress profession, has a detrimental influence on the health of its workers because of the nature of the industry itself. In the pharmaceutical business, a photostability chamber is a light exposure method that is an essential step in the manufacturing process. It is used for the purpose of determining how much light a patient is exposed to and how this influences the pharmaceutical products.

One may measure the amount of light exposure in a number of various methods, but the photostability metre is by far the most frequent method. This is used to determine the quantity of light that a substance is subjected to, hence it measures the amount of light that enters a room.

In addition, there are monitors available that patients may wear to assess their level of exposure. These instruments measure the amount of light that a patient is exposed to by making use of photosensitive dyes.

The samples are protected from temperature swings and disruptions caused by light thanks to lockable solid doors and a failsafe for the temperature. A cool white light timer, an audio/video temperature alert, and cool white and black light metres are some of the many choices that may be selected (hand held). Before being sent out, these chambers are given a thorough burn-in and are tested and approved for temperature uniformity as well as light intensity in the circular region on each shelf.