Since the beginning of time, tourists have been enchanted by lakes. Unspoiled pastures and crystal water bodies have a zen aura to themselves. They are recognised as places where people go to unwind and reconnect with nature. Of course, this also applies to French lakes.

You guessed it right! There is more to France than taking a Seine River Cruise through the river of Seine.

For those who want to enjoy the finest of all things, we have curated a list full of the country’s greatest lakes.

  • Lake Annecy

This gorgeous, clear body of water is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is a great place to go on vacation. Of course, it offers a variety of things for guests to enjoy. Some of them are paragliding, cycling, and cruising. Additionally, the town of Annecy is close by. Visitors may take a stroll down the town’s historic, cobblestone streets and captivating mediaeval castles before or after their pleasant trip to the lake.

  • Lac du Bourget 

The biggest lake in France which looks more like a river Seine in size is a well-liked summer vacation spot for both domestic and international travellers. The numerous beaches, the clear water, and the view of the mountains around the lake all add up to it. You may not find a cruise here but visitors can take part in a variety of activities in addition to ports and beaches. Naturally, swimming, sailing, and scuba diving are a few of them. The three locations surrounding the lake provide stunning 360-degree views as well.

  • Lake Geneva 

One of France’s most well-known lakes and is located in the Savoie area. This lake, which was formed by a glacier, receives a lot of water from the Rhone River. Surprisingly, the French coastlines of this island are dotted with several villages, towns, and castles. Additionally, there are many travelling routes that not only provide transportation but also act as a perfect getaway to the scenic neighbourhood. The same is true for water activities, which are plentiful. In particular, swimming and sailing are the most well-liked sports.

  • Lac d’Aiguebelette

This particular lake is interesting because despite being privately owned, it is managed by the neighbourhood. The azure waters of Lac d’Aiguebelette are very well recognised. As a result, it is a fantastic location for photography enthusiasts. The site is only enhanced by the stunning natural surroundings in terms of intrigue and appeal. It is a well-liked summer vacation spot for many due to its abundance of beaches. Visitors can also partake in several activities including swimming, horseback riding, guided trips, and hiking.

  • Gaube Lake

The spotless, egg-shaped Gaube Lake is encircled by the magnificent French Pyrenees. Gaube is situated in the middle of the highlands, thus travelling there needs some level of physical fitness. The lake is famous for its hiking and trekking paths, which offer breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountain range. After reaching the lake, guests may stop by the local café to grab a cup of coffee or any other beverage. It is popular among families with children and solo travellers alike. So, whether you wish to go on a family trip, go on a hike with friends or explore this jewel on your own, this is the right place to go.

  • Lac de Serre-Poncon 

In reality, one of the largest lakes in western Europe was created artificially. This is also not so far when compared to the river Seine. The water for Lac de Serre-Poncon comes from two rivers that travel through the Alps in southeast France. It’s interesting to note that the government built the lake to lower floods and regulate river levels. Lac de Serre-Poncon is now a popular day trip location and the home to 16 hydropower projects.

  • Lac de Capitello

Nearby Lac de Capitello is Lac de Melo, another well-known lake in the region. As a result, many people opt to go to both places on the same day. It’s interesting that Lake Capitello is located in the mountains, approximately an hour’s uphill from the trailhead. The lake is bordered by practically bare rocks and has pure, blue water. But the lake’s reputation goes beyond its crystal-clear, azure waters. Instead, it is renowned for its incredible photographic opportunities and the breathtaking view from the cliffs in the area.

  • Lac de Sainte Croix 

Many travellers come to this man-made lake in Provence in search of a refreshing swim, lovely beaches, and peaceful nature. Due to the size of Lac de Sainte Croix, its shoreline is home to several undiscovered attractions. In addition, Les Salles-sur-Verdon, a tiny, charming town, stands proudly next to the lake which includes lodging and dining options. Hence, making it perfect for people who want to spend more time away from the bustle of the city. Additionally, it is also famous for various water activities. It’s the best place to explore and enjoy sailing, kayaking and many more such water activities.

  • Lac de Gérardmer 

Despite being smaller than some of the other lakes on our list, this one is nonetheless rather well-liked by both residents and visitors. The glacial-formed Lac de Gérardmer is located close to the town of the same name in the Vosges mountain range. Visitors to Lac de Gérardmer take pleasure in pedal boats, camping, hiking routes, and picnics. Moreover, the sunsets in Lac de Gérardmer are picture-perfect. Unfortunately, swimming is designated to small areas due to the fact that the ammunition used to be stored here, and some of it still remains at the bottom of the lake.

  • Lac du Salagou

Lac du Salagou is yet another artificial lake on our list and also one of the most visited lakes in France. Its size and features make it the perfect destination for all kinds of guests, including groups of friends, lone travellers, and families with kids of all ages. It is also well known for its cycling and hiking paths. However, the brilliantly red sandstones that dominate every well-known photograph of Lac du Salagou are what really set it apart. The striking contrast of red stones with blue water creates a natural canvas you cannot miss.