When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, the two major factors that one ought to consider are style and comfort. The right pair of shoes tend to pump up your outfit, giving a perfect finishing touch to your look. Besides enhancing your look, good shoes possess the ability to boost your confidence and offer you much-needed comfort.

Given below are ten basic essential shoes that every man and woman must add to their closet to step up their style as well as comfort game.

Ankle Boots

A perfect choice to match any clothing style, men’s casual ankle boots and men’s leather ankle boots make an excellent option when you desire a smart look and all-day comfort. Besides men, women should consider owning a pair of casual ankle boots and styling them in countless ways with dresses, skirts, pants, and denim.

Hi-Leg Boots

A comfortable pair of hi-leg boots can help you survive crisp weather conditions without sacrificing your personal style. Hi-leg boots for women tend to act as an essential staple for autumn and winter and can be styled with a wide range of clothing. These boots have also become an acceptable and trendy piece in men’s fashion, giving them an elevated appearance and attractive look.

Chelsea Boots

Highly popular for their straightforward and versatile design,  men’s leather Chelsea boots are perfect for adding a hint of polish to dapper looks. The elegant and classy designs of Chelsea boots are also loved by fashion-forward women. You can style these boots with any casual or formal outfit.

Boat Shoes

Highlighting classic craftsmanship, boat shoes never disappoint in terms of comfort and show no signs of going out of style even in the modern era. With the emergence of modern updates on the classic profiles, boat shoes are primarily meant for more casual affairs or laid-back events.


Sporty Trainers

The  best sports shoes for men and women come in premium quality materials that can offer you maximum comfort, durability, and flexibility during your workout sessions. Men’s casual trainers have come into the trend for their ability to provide all-day comfort and a versatile style. Sporty trainer shoes including women’s canvas shoes and women’s bowling shoes have also become a popular choice in today’s fashion and can prove to be great companions for every workout.

Formal Oxfords

Besides opting for versatile pairs of boots and trainers, you must consider adding a good formal pair of oxfords to your shoe closet. A typical oxford comes in a lace-up design with a rounded or pointy toe cap often with a wingtip and offers a sleek and clean touch to your formal attire.


Moccasin slippers are widely popular not only because of their vintage silhouette and regal appearance but also because of the elevated support and cushioning comfort they provide during walks. So, if you wish to treat your feet with a luxurious feel and comfort, get your hands on some premium-quality moccasins!

Casual Slippers

The latest range of casual slippers comes in cutting-edge designs and unique styles and can blend with most types of ensembles. In fact, some slippers are infused with advanced comfort technology to help you deal with foot problems and enjoy a comfortable walking experience.


Forming an excellent bridge between formal and casual, loafers are statement-making pieces that every man and woman should consider buying. The incredible versatility of penny, tassel, espadrille, and horse-bit loafers make them ideal for business casual outfits. High-quality loafers also prove to be a super-comfy choice for long hours of wear.


If you are a follower of the conventional fashion game, then clogs are a must-add to your wardrobe! Unlike regular shoes, wooden clogs are highly durable and offer enhanced stability and support to your feet. For a bold and classy look, opt for classic clogs with chic modern updates.

It is rightly said that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Hence, it is essential that you focus on the principles of style as well as comfort while choosing your shoes. To enrich your footwear collection with some of the best shoes, head to Footranger and choose from the finest range of shoes that offer unique style and incredible comfort.