Want to discover complimentary methods for promoting your YouTube videos to promote YouTube music?

YouTube is a fantastic location to market your content and get in front of a lot of people because it is the most widely used video-sharing website. But with so many videos online, isn’t it difficult to stand out?

In response, we are here. We’ll teach you how to promote your YouTube videos for free in this post.

You’ll quickly have a devoted following for your videos with the help of our time-tested strategies.

Let’s first look at some great methods to promote YouTube music that can benefit your website.

The internet

You’ll want to promote YouTube music after developing your SEO plan, optimizing your YouTube video, and publishing it. Social media can be used in this situation. Cross-posting and content repurposing are both very easy to do on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The following advantages—which are not exhaustive—come from this strategy of cross-posting information on social media:

  • greater reach Posting about your video on the three social networks previously mentioned will result in a wider audience than just uploading on YouTube alone because these platforms have a combined user base of over 4.5 billion.
  • chance to captivate. If done correctly, posting on social media can help pique interest and act as lead-generating “previews” of your video—especially when leading up to a live video in advance.

Blog entries

Incorporating your YouTube videos into blog posts is another approach to promote YouTube music. Vlogs, as we have discussed, can be supplemental content or summary (or detailed) videos of your blog posts.

The major benefit of integrating videos in your blog posts is that they not only increase traffic to your YouTube channel from your website, but they also improve the page’s SEO. So, both your website and your YouTube channel stand to benefit.

SUGAR Cosmetics is one company that excels at using this tactic.

SUGAR Cosmetics uses text, infographics, and a YouTube video to demonstrate to novice readers how to contour and highlight their faces with cosmetics. Keep in mind that they positioned the video near the bottom of the page so that anyone who is still unsure can watch it in action. You can also apply this to promote YouTube music for your channel. If you want paid advertisement for your music promotion, then do gain some information about YouTube promotion cost.


Email is a fantastic way to promote YouTube music that you may not have considered.

Because you control your email list and may contact subscribers through any email service provider, email marketing is unique because you aren’t dependent on subscribers platforms that frequently “go down” and become inoperable.

There are several ways to handle email marketing for YouTube for being able to promote YouTube music:

  • in the email, include a video. People can watch videos you directly embed into emails, which still counts as views, or you can utilize a thumbnail of the video and link to YouTube in the email body.
  • Include a link in your signature to your channel. Use the space below your business signature, which should be at the bottom of each email, for social media icons, such as YouTube.
  • Include a newsletter feature. Whether sponsored or not, being featured in a well-known email newsletter can help you expand your niche audience’s reach.


Collaborating with other YouTube channels, also referred to as “collabs” or “collaborations” in the community, can be a terrific method to promote YouTube music.

As you’ll see in the example, it’s not always necessary to partner with a channel that has similar content to yours or a similar audience. In essence, you and the other channel owners will create videos jointly, either engaging in an activity related to your items or discussing them. Then, each will upload their individual videos to their respective channels.

For instance, while in Denmark, Beard brand chose to work with Chili Klaus, a Danish expert in chilli peppers:

The cooperation first doesn’t appear important (i.e., haircuts and chilli pepper tasting). It turns out that both, which largely appeal to males who enjoy pushing themselves, have comparable audiences. Using this tactic you can also able to promote YouTube music.

Google Ads

You may advertise your channel on YouTube itself by using YouTube advertising. According to Google’s research, brands that run Google Ads and YouTube video ad campaigns see 3% higher search conversion rates and a 4% cheaper search cost per acquisition than those who only use Google Ads.

Repurposing your channel introduction video can make creating an ad for your channel really easy. If you want to promote YouTube music more inventively, you may focus your target audience on viewers of your rival channels and hilariously entice them to switch to your channel by saying, “If you like this, you’ll love us!”


Making playlists is the last recommendation on this list for being able to promote YouTube music. Playlists on your channel are beneficial in the following ways:

  • improved organization Playlists make it easy for your subscribers to find the videos they want to watch if they just want to watch a certain kind of content you provide.
  • promotes the viewing of additional videos. YouTube will automatically play the next video in a playlist when a user finishes watching a previous one, keeping them on your channel rather than another.
  • improved discoverability Other videos in a playlist are more likely to show up in their suggested videos column even if your audience doesn’t keep watching through auto play.

Returning to our Beard brand example, its playlists go one step further in organization by combining different playlist categories: So it will helps you to promote YouTube music

Since they are arranged by barber in the first playlist, viewers will benefit even more if they, for instance, prefer to watch a certain barber in a particular kind of video.

Now that you have a ton of suggestions for promoting your YouTube channel, let’s look at how you may make money from your growing audience.

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