Halasana Yoga – The shape of the body while doing Halasana, the equipment used by the farmers to plow the land, has been given the name Halasana. In English, this posture is called ‘Plow Pose’. It is a great asana to lose weight and make the spine strong, and flexible. Through 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you can learn yoga and get complete information about yoga.

The benefits and precautions of Halasana Yoga and Trikonasana Yoga

Halasana Method:

  • Lay a rug or mat on a clean and flat place and lie on your back on the ground.
  • Keep both feet together and keep the palms close to the ground near the waist.
  • Keep your mouth towards the sky and close your eyes.
  • Keep the body loose.
  • Now inhale and start lifting the legs by contracting the stomach.
  • Exhale when both legs form a right angle (90-degree angle) with the body.
  • After coming into the position of Sarvangasana, try to keep both feet on the ground behind the head.
  • Take the help of your hands to bend the waist and back. Keeping the hands straight from the elbows, keep them behind the back on the ground.
  • After stopping in this position according to your ability, slowly start putting your back and feet on the ground.
  • The knees are not to be bent in the entire asana.


Benefits of Halasana:

  • Strengthens the digestive system and reproductive systems.
  • Reduces the extra fat stored in the stomach. Helpful in reducing weight.
  • Beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • The muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdomen, back, and waist become strong.
  • The spine becomes strong and flexible.
  • This asana is beneficial in menopause, insomnia, infertility, headache, and thyroid disorders.


Caution in Halasana:

  • People suffering from the following diseases should not do this asana:
  • Hypertension – High BP
  • Dizziness – Vertigo
  • Back Pain – Lumbar Spondylitis
  • Neck Pain – Cervical Spondylitis
  • Bone Tuberculosis – Bone TB
  • heart disease – heart disease
  • pregnancy – pregnancy
  • First 2 days of menstruation – Menstruation
  • There can be difficulty in the beginning due to excessive obesity, so try slowly according to your ability.
  • While bringing the foot up, back, and down, the movement has to be done slowly and the feet should not be jerked.
  • If you have back pain, neck pain, or any problem in the spine, do this asana after consulting your doctor.
  • You can also do Matsyasana after doing Halasana to get more benefits of Halasana. If there is any kind of problem while doing yoga, the advice of a yoga expert and doctor should be taken.


The benefits and precautions of Halasana Yoga and Trikonasana Yoga

Trikonasana Yoga –

While doing Trikonasana yoga, due to the shape of the body being like a triangle (triangle), it is called Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. These are the simplest and most useful asanas for people suffering from obesity. By doing regular practice of Trikonasana, the extra fat stored on your stomach, waist, thigh, and buttocks can be easily reduced.


Method of Trikonasana Yoga:

  • Stand straight leaving a distance of 2 to 3 feet between both feet.
  • Keep the right leg (right leg) folded to the right.
  • Extend both hands to the side to the height of your shoulders.
  • Now inhale and bend to the right (right side), keeping the eyes in front while bending.
  • Try to choose the right foot with the right hand, keep the left hand straight towards the sky and keep an eye on the fingers of the left hand.
  • Now return to the straight position and do this exercise by changing the other hand as well.
  • Do this at least 20 times.
  • Inhale while lifting the body and exhale while bending.


Benefits of Trikonasana:

  • By doing this asana, the muscles of the neck, back, waist and legs are strengthened.
  • The balance of the body is fine.
  • The digestive system is fine.
  • Gets rid of acidity.
  • Anxiety, tension, and back and back pain disappear.
  • It is considered helpful in removing excess fat and obesity in the stomach.
  • Makes the body fit, strong and flexible.



Caution in Trikonasana:

  • This asana should not be done in case of low BP, high BP, migraine, laxatives, or neck and back injuries.
  • If there is a problem like a headache, dizziness, or back pain while doing this asana, one should immediately consult a doctor or yoga specialist.
  • There are more different types of Trikonasana, but here we have given information about the most simple and useful method of Trikonasana.