Conducting online surveillance

Digital forensics is an emerging field with several applications. It mainly started to aid private investigators in conducting virtual investigations for online harassment or data breaches. Now, however, digital forensics is at the forefront of all investigations, mainly due to each person’s digital footprint. Whether it’s individuals or big corporations, data breaches and online harassment is a common occurrence in this digital age. Find out the benefits of digital forensics and why you need a private investigative service for it.

Social Media Surveillance

Almost everyone uses social media to stay connected with the world. But social media can also be used to conduct immoral things such as cheating, online harassment, and sharing unauthorized data. Private investigators can target social media accounts, analyze them thoroughly, and collect evidence admissible in court to help strengthen your case.

Embezzlement Investigations

Embezzlement is a serious issue, especially in multinational organizations where it’s difficult to determine where the funds are being embezzled from. On top of that, certain employee protection laws also prevent open investigations without harming the company’s image.

On the other hand, private investigators can conduct thorough research to determine who is embezzling funds and how. They use state-of-the-art digital tools to conduct surveillance and find possible suspects.


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Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the most common cybercrime issues, and as more companies go for full digitization, it’s getting more difficult to detect a data breach. Private investigators can monitor the company’s activity to determine where the breach originated. They can also locate signs of criminal activity and document everything according to the legal requirements.

Extracting Information From Digital Devices

Oftentimes, people delete valuable data or traces of using a device from their work or personal computers. However, in today’s age, nothing is truly deleted. Electronic devices leave a digital trace, and private investigators can use their digital forensics tech to track and recover such data. This electronic discovery is also admissible in court, and the perpetrator can end up in a civil or corporate case.

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The author is a forensics specialist with highly focused skills in digital forensics. She works as a corporate investigator and helps companies conduct background checks on their employees before onboarding. She also writes informative blogs to educate people on online harassment and fraud.