If you have been reluctant to use digital price tag technology in your business, rest assured that you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Most retailers are ditching paper labels and embracing this new style of in-store pricing because it provides a lot of benefits.  The modern electronic shelf labels use e-paper displays and radio communication and can display a whole lot more information apart from price. They can also integrate with other modern retails devices, such as foot traffic counters, digital signs as well as camera surveillance, and allow you to gain a wealth of insight into the performance of your store. 

So what are some of the benefits of using the digital price tag technology in your business? One of the benefits of digital price tags is that they show more information.  With more modern  electronic shelf labeling technology, each label can display more information that just price. The ESLs can also display nutritional facts, additional product information, size, price per weight as well as stock remaining. You can add this information to the main label itself , or you can print a QR that can be used for accessing the additional information  through your website or app. QR code marketing can help with sales or promotions. 

Another benefit of  digital price tag technology is that it can help track customer movements and patterns. Movement sensors  can be installed in each ESL at a relatively low cost. These can track the movement of customer and traffic around your store, providing you with a virtual heat map of your store.  The advantage of understanding your in-store traffic in detail is that it can help with product placement,  aisle layout, promotional areas and displays, and so much more. 

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