Whether you’re looking to protect your new Meta Quest 2 headset or simply want to keep it organized while traveling, there’s a case out there for you. But how do you know which one is right for your needs?

The best quest 2 case have the right design for protecting your headset and keeping it organized. We’ve rounded up the top models to help you make an informed purchase.

AUBIKA’s mission is to make pro-level VR gear accessible and affordable for all levels.

The quest 2 case

AUBIKA is dedicated to making pro-level VR gear accessible and affordable for all levels. We believe in the power of the medium to change lives and we want to help people get the most out of their virtual reality experience.

In addition to a mission to make pro-level VR gear accessible, we also strive to provide quality products that don’t break the bank. For this reason, we only feature headsets from reputable brands that know how to produce high-quality products at a reasonable price.

This includes HTC who are known for their quality and consistency in the VR space. They have a variety of different headsets that offer the best in VR and are priced right for all budgets. These include the HTC Vive Pro 2, HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and the HTC Vive Cosmos, all of which are great choices for anyone looking to get into VR at a reasonable price.

AUBIKA’s vision is to bring pro-level VR gear to the masses.

The quest 2 – the successor to the Oculus Quest – has won our hearts by delivering room-scale VR in a remarkably lightweight package. The headset can be powered by a PC, and comes with a pair of high-end controllers to help you feel immersed in a virtual space.

In addition to great resolution, the Quest 2 also delivers a number of other features that aren’t often found in VR headsets. For instance, it supports inside-out tracking, meaning you don’t need an external sensor to keep you in place in 3D space.

A recent report from The Information confirms that a more advanced version of the Quest 2, codenamed “Project Cambria,” will be on the way this year, and it’ll have some interesting tech tucked away in its hardware. One such innovation will be a passthrough mixed reality – it will show you what’s going on outside the headset by using improved external cameras. Among the other cool things you can expect from this futuristic headset are a more realistic and colorful 3D display, eye tracking and face tracking.

AUBIKA’s purpose is to make pro-level VR gear accessible and affordable for all levels.

The AUBIKA mission is to make pro-level VR gear accessible and affordable for all levels of gamers, content creators and fans. Using their unique design and manufacturing methods, they are dedicated to bringing pro-level VR hardware and software to the masses.

The Meta Quest 2 is a stand-alone device that doesn’t require a gaming PC or console, giving users access to a massive game library and solid visuals. With lightweight and ergonomic controllers, accurate hand movements and decent battery life, it’s an ideal entry point into the world of VR.