We spend a lot on purchasing a new vehicle but why do we take a back seat when it comes to taking up good and reliable auto repairs? We often see and tempted by those bargain basement pricing for popular auto repair services. Out of all those auto repair services, we are going to focus on the very important brake job, and we will tell you why you should never skip on a critical safety system like this.

Let us tell you that your car’s brakes are the first line of defense against a dangerous situation when you are driving. In fact, brake failure is responsible for 22% of car accidents on the roads. Thus, it is very important to keep your brakes in SE Calgary under check and take it to the brake shops in SE Calgary as soon as you notice any grinding, squealing, or softness while using the brakes.

Consider the huge expenses of brake repair or maintenance, it is tempting for many drivers to try and save money by using cheap brake pads. In the following section, we will try to understand the difference between cheap and quality brake pads – and why it is not worth the money to skimp.

Your Brake Pads

You must know that your brake system is made up of several coordinating elements that work cohesively and put your car to stop when you press down the brake pedal. Most cars here have a hydraulic system that uses a fluid to transfer the pressure applied to the pedal to the brake. The bowl-shaped rotor is attached to the wheel, it takes kinetic energy and turns the same into thermal energy, which is then absorbed and dissipated.

The brake fluid is stored in the master cylinder and moves to the calipers via the brake lines, which then squeeze the brake pads against the rotors. The brake pads are made from steel with friction material attached to the surface. All the elements press against the rotor and create the required friction necessary to slow and put your car to a smooth halt.

Over excessive use of the brakes, the pads will wear down as they are rigorously being pressed against the rotors. The way you drive can actually affect the lifespan on your brake pads. If you belong to the ambush of drivers who like to take the car to the roads and take journeys with lots of stopping and starting, such as city driving, you may need to think about when to replace your brake pads more frequently.

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