What are Eye Bolts?

An eye bolt is a tool used to secure objects. It is made up of two parts: the eye and the bolt. The eye is typically circular, allowing for multiple mounting positions, and is often threaded internally or externally so that it can be attached to a corresponding nut or hook. The eyebolt’s bolt is made up of either a shaft with a screw thread at one end or two shafts with an enclosed loop between them. It should be noted that an eyebolt should never be used in place of an anchor or other load-bearing hardware. We are the leading Eye Bolt Manufacturer in India.

The Different Types of Eye Bolts:


  • Shouldered eye bolts: Shoulder eye bolts are frequently used in heavy-duty lifting and rigging applications where the load being lifted is significant and safety is critical. The shoulder prevents the eye bolt from bending or breaking as a result of the load.



  • Forged eye bolts: Forged eye bolts are commonly used in heavy-duty lifting and rigging applications where safety is of the utmost importance. They are frequently used in applications where the load being lifted is substantial and the eye bolt is at risk of bending or breaking under stress.



  • Nut eye bolts: Nut eye bolts are commonly used in lifting and rigging applications, such as those found in construction and industry. They are frequently employed in the attachment of cables, wires, and other objects to machinery and equipment.



  • Machinery eye bolts: Machinery eye bolts are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to secure or suspend equipment and machinery. They are frequently used to secure electrical wiring, hoses, and other parts to machinery.



Eye Bolts and Their Applications:

Lifting and rigging: Eye bolts are commonly used for lifting and rigging heavy loads, such as machinery, equipment, or building materials. They are often used in pairs, with one eye bolt attached to the load and the other attached to a fixed point on the structure or machinery.

Tie-downs: Eye bolts are also used as tie-downs to secure cargo or equipment during transport. They can be installed in the bed of a truck or trailer, and used in combination with ratchet straps or chains to prevent shifting or damage during transit.

Suspension systems: Eye bolts can be used as part of a suspension system, for example to hang lighting fixtures, signs, or decorative items from a ceiling or wall. They can also be used in theatrical productions to suspend scenery or props.

Anchor points: Eye bolts can be used as anchor points for safety harnesses and other fall protection equipment. They are typically installed in a secure location and used to attach a lanyard or other safety device.

Marine applications: Eye bolts are commonly used on boats and ships for securing equipment and lines, as well as for anchoring and mooring. They are often made of stainless steel to resist corrosion in saltwater environments.

Eye Bolt Manufacturer:

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