Using liquid lipstick can be fun but are you aware of the dos and don’ts when using liquid matte lipsticks? If not, you are at the right place. Read on to find out more. 

Liquid lipsticks are in and you can buy lipstick online. They can be blended in easily with other colors too without smudging if used properly. These lipsticks are a great alternative to glossy ones if you want a nuanced texture.  Look for matte lipstick online to make you look sassy and make your lips appear fuller. However, applying it the right way makes all the difference to the final finish of your makeup.  

So pucker up and get a red carpet look by following these simple do’s and don’ts: 

  1. Do: Exfoliate And Moisturize Your Lips Regularly: Preparing your lips before you apply matte lip paint is very important. Get rid of the dry skin on your lips and moisturize them immediately. This helps to make the surface of the lips smooth and also makes the lipstick application easier.  
  2.  Don’t: Do Not Apply Lipstick On Dry Lips: Nothing is more annoying than applying lipstick on chapped lips. It serves no purpose. Keep a lip primer handy and if your lips are excessively dry then apply it immediately. Choose a primer that comes with extra nourishment. Apply a coat of matte liquid lipstick over the primer for an all-day look.  
  3. Do: Choose A Hydrating Base Or Primer: A lip primer is a very important product to have in your makeup kit. It helps the lipstick to stay longer and also makes the lips appear glossier. Even if you use dry lipstick like matte, you will feel comfortable when you base it with a makeup primer. 
  4. Don’t: Never Overdo Your Lipstick: Never apply multiple coats of lipstick like there is no tomorrow. Especially with liquid lipsticks, it is very difficult to say how many coats you are applying while using matte liquid lipstick. So be careful while dabbing it and just use single coats to apply. Line your lips first to avoid overusing it.  
  5. Do: Always Use A Pencil Outline: To play it safe, outline your lips using a fine lip pencil with a sharp point. It helps to accentuate the lips and gives a better pout. It also acts as a wonderful guide for applying liquid lipstick.  
  6. Don’t: Do Not Rub Your Lips Immediately After Application: Women do this a lot as a matter of habit. They rub their lips against each other immediately after application. It makes the lips dry and also they get patchy and uneven in a matter of few seconds. Keep the lips parted until the liquid lipstick sets it.
  7. Do: Apply The Lipstick Slowly And Gradually: While applying any makeup, the slower you do it, the better it is. While applying lipstick, start with a thin layer first and gradually build in volume by adding more coats. It builds the intensity and the opacity as you apply. Liquid lipsticks are pigmented and give you the desired results with a thin coat.
  8. Don’t: Do Not Reapply Until The Previous Coat Dries:  If you want to add layers of liquid lipstick then do not apply it continuously. Wait till the previous coat dries so that you can cover the imperfections. When you reapply before the previous coat dries then you will end up making your lips look stubby and heavy. 

In conclusion 

Aren’t these some amazing ways to use liquid lipstick? If they are used correctly, they can enhance your look in multiple ways and last all day long. Last but not the least, always remove your lipstick with a cotton ball. 

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