Hop aboard the future of transportation with the Mahindra Treo passenger e-rickshaw! This electric vehicle is designed to take you on a smooth and comfortable journey while reducing your carbon footprint. With its spacious seating capacity, powerful battery, and advanced features, the Treo e-rickshaw is the perfect choice for those looking for a safe, sustainable, and affordable mode of transport. So why wait? Experience the ride of tomorrow today with the Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw!

Features Of Mahindra Treo E-Rickshaw

Mahindra Treo is an electric three-wheeler from the Indian multinational conglomerate Mahindra Group. The Treo is an e-rickshaw for urban commuting and other small business needs. This vehicle aims to provide a sustainable, safe, and affordable mode of transportation for the people of India.

The Mahindra Treo boasts a powerful 7.37 battery with a fast 3 hours 50-minute charging time. Thus, making it a convenient option for daily use. So, Its Lithium-ion 48V battery provides a reliable power source for the vehicle.

In addition, the Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw delivers a strong performance with its 10.72 HP and 42 Nm of torque generated by the battery. These specifications make it a reliable option for public transportation needs.

Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw has a price range of Rs. 2.79 – 3.02 Lakh, making it an affordable option for those needing an electric vehicle. With a range of up to 125-141 km/charge on a single charge and a modern design, the Treo offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution for urban transportation.

The Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw offers seating for 4 passengers and a driver, making it a practical option for small-group transportation. With a spacious and comfortable design, the Treo provides a convenient solution for urban commuting and last-mile delivery.

Overall, the Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw is a well-designed and practical solution for urban transportation, providing a sustainable, safe, and affordable mode of transport for the people of India. Visit Truck Junction to know more about this Mahindra Treo E-Rickshaw.