The last few decades have been transformational for the world as a whole. Along with digitalization came social media rage. With the plethora of social media platforms available, reaching out to friends and acquaintances was now a breeze. Let us read more about the evolution of social media and its impact on digital marketing. 


Social Media Evolution


The first significant attempt at social media was Facebook which was launched in 2004. It was known as Face smash and was an attempt to get the University students to rate each other’s pictures. However, the Universities banned the platform, following which Mark Zuckerberg formally launched the new version. 

Over a period of time, new and better features were introduced to attract all types of users. This meant a massive potential for companies as they could connect with prospective customers. Hiring digital marketing services in India gets companies massive placement across various social media platforms. 

The success of Facebook led to more and better platforms marking their entry. LinkedIn was launched in 2002 as a professional platform. However, it was only in 2005 that it became successful after it allowed companies to post job openings. Instagram was launched in 2009 to help companies introduce their products visually to customers and thus increase sales.

Impact of Social Media on Digital Marketing


Some ways in which social media has impacted digital marketing are:

  • Promotes company branding- Social media platforms are the perfect place to advertise your products. Those who follow your brand can share your posts with their followers, thus promoting it. Associate with digital marketing companies Delhi to find out how you can exploit the opportunity.
  • Impact on SEO- The more people talk about you, the higher your ranking in search results. By getting viral on social media, your brand gets wide-scale popularity.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising- People trust their close associates and will buy products they are supporting. Social media platforms open the chances of your brand getting widespread recognition.

Summing up

It is evident that social media has changed the way companies do business. Social media platforms are now a place for companies to attract customers and get them to buy their products. We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India and can help implement social media strategies for your brand for wider exposure.