Graduation ceremonies are one of the most awaited events in any student’s life. It is the same for nursing graduates. But did you know that the nursing community also has a unique ceremony which is known as the ‘Pinning Ceremony’ for all the new nurse graduates to mark their entry into this noble profession?

This is an event to celebrate and honor the hard work and dedication that goes into building a nursing career. Nursing pins are an important part of these ceremonies. Let’s dive in to know in detail about the origin and evolution of nursing pins.

History of Nursing Pins

The history of nursing pins dates back to the 12th century when Knights who attended to the injured and wounded Crusaders were awarded a Maltese cross badge. In 1860, Queen Victoria awarded Florence Nightingale with the Red Cross of St. George for her services as a military nurse to the war soldiers of Crimean. The great Florence Nightingale is known to be the founder of modern nursing practices and this event marks the start of the modern pinning ceremony.

Since 1916, the pinning ceremony for nursing graduates has become a standard practice in the US. It is an ideal way to welcome new nurses to the community. In earlier times, nursing pins were given only to a few chosen nurses for their outstanding services but now all the new graduates are a part of this tradition, and rightly so.

Importance of Pinning Ceremony

Family and friends are also invited to be a part of this celebration where the new nurses are awarded their nursing pins. The nursing pins are usually given by a faculty member of the nursing school or any person who is of special importance to the student nurse.

Many new nurses dedicate their nursing graduation pins to someone significant from their life who has inspired them in their journey of becoming a nurse. They may also choose to say a few lines describing the relationship with this special person and how he or she inspired them in their life.

Lamps or candles are also lit to remember the night time care provided by Florence Nightingale to the injured soldiers in candlelight. The new graduates also recite the Nightingale pledge and make a promise to serve the patients with full commitment and dedication.

Pinning ceremonies hold a special significance in all the new nurses’ lives. It signifies their entry into the honorable nursing profession with a rich and respected history. A nursing pin is a badge that constantly reminds them of the selfless service and care they offer to mankind throughout their career and beyond.

Tips to select the perfect nursing pin

A nursing graduation pin will be there with you for a lifetime so you should carefully look for the best one from a trusted manufacturer. When choosing a nursing pin, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Decide the design and type

Firstly, you have to zero down on the design and type of nursing pin that you want for yourself. It could be 14K gold nursing pins or silver nursing pins or any other metal, with or without diamonds and so on. Check online or visit stores offline to get an idea about the designs available in the market before deciding on the one that catches your attention.

Check the quality

Next comes the quality test as even though you might like a trendy design, if it’s quality is compromised, it will not last for long. Look for something well-crafted in solid metal because a nursing pin is something that you will treasure forever.

Compare the prices

It is very important to check and compare the prices that different sellers are offering. Look for direct sellers and manufacturers who offer affordable pricing. You should always go with genuine websites and beware of fake ones.

Warranty policies for aftercare

A nursing pin is a jewel that is going to stay with you for a long time so you should also ensure that it is taken care of well down the years. Check for sellers who offer lifetime free warranty and polishing, so you don’t have to spend anything extra on aftercare.

The above-mentioned tips will be helpful when you are looking for a nursing pin for your nursing graduation or pinning ceremony. Ensure you check all the points before buying a nursing pin that you will cherish for life.

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